“Women of Syrdarya district” jubilee actions of public association

«Golden cradle, native land» as our nation say.

In the framework of the program ” Direction for the future: Spiritual kindling” the Head of state says that our traditions and the will of the ancestors, today are of great importance. That is negen the temple of spirituality and agriculture, the deterioration of the village in a difficult period of market relations. However, on the basis of the balanced policy of the Head of state, the situation of villages has improved. For example, the village of our district is not less than the city. Including called a village by Ilyasova N. leads the country.

I want to say that, following civilization, villages should carry out the preservation of Kazakh traditions in this environment. For four or five years we have introduced the tradition of telling young mothers the cradle. In addition, the “School of young mothers” operates under the public association “Women of Syrdarya district” headed by me. In the current stage, “Rouhani gear” the area has become a tradition to hold batagianni competitions and other events at the tradition. «Woman one hand shakes the cradle, the other hand the whole world» says popular wisdom. Because we in the area have mothers who, by the way, in the same moral business. Public association “Women of Syrdarya region” organized a competition of forgotten national dishes. In the village Kogalykol was organized the cooking contest «Kazakh Kazanjappaiyn. There was also an event dedicated to the closing of the bank” «One day of summer, a short feed», teaching young mothers how to make kurt, cheese, make kazy. In order to promote and popularize families with twin children, an event was held in the “Gemini parade” area. Round table “Strong marriage-the foundation of the state”, dedicated to the growth of demography in Kazakhstan, the preservation of family stability, was an event for young families.

Family handle, the light of life is woman. I wish you a dignified, prosperous and prosperous country. The “Forum of rural women”, which is being held today for the first time, will certainly give all women the opportunity to contribute to the civilized development of the country.

Chairman of the public association «Women of Syrdarya district» Zhanalieva U.

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