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Dear friends!

Our organization has always been involved in different educational projects in one way or another. Now our activities in this direction will be more systematized, as we decided in the Presidium of our organization to create a new committee – the Committee on Educational Communications and invited Tumps Saihattanov Shinguzhinov to head it. Get acquainted.

The formation of T. Shinguzhina as a teacher began with study at the Schuchinsky Pedagogical School, then there was study at the Kustanai Pedagogical Institute in the specialty “primary school teacher,” then the Faculty of History of Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute Since then, 30 years of pedagogical experience have been developed, including 11 years in senior positions in the education system

In 2014 it was decided to create its own GLOBAL LEADER educational center in Astana, currently it is the director of GLOBAL SAPA Educational Center LLP About the multifaceted and very relevant activities of the Center you can find out on their information board


Conceptual direction of activity of the center – on the basis of international conferences, specialized creative schools, summer language camps, scientific and practical internships of students and teachers of general education schools the Talent Management Program has been drawn up, this program has been adapted in South Cora.


  • Introduction of innovative – pedagogical technology of system thinking Professor Galiev, through the experimental platform of SHG No. 2 since 2005.
  • Project manager for cooperation with Mustafa Shokaya Association. Paris. France. “By places of steppe aristocracy.” Kazakh diaspora: identity of preservation of Kazakh culture in European civilization.
  • International school partnership project “Connecting classes” England, Germany, France, Russia, Korea.
  • Organizer of the international competition “Young Scientist” in South Korea for students of general education schools in the right to receive a Grant for admission to higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the basis of Order of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan No. 460 of November 12, 2014.
  • International coach and arbitrator of the game ZIPTO. SHG No. 2 has joined the FIJIP-EUROTALANT network of associated schools since 2010. France.
  • Holder of the Diploma of II degree of the Republican festival Innovation – Pedagogical Ideas 2010 in Almaty; Diploma of the 1st degree of the city festival “Innovation – pedagogical ideas” 2009;
  • Chairman of the Precinct and District Election Commission for the period from 2005 to 2010 in Astana

The main tasks of the Educational Center are:

  • Improvement of performance of participation of schoolchildren at the Olympic Games, Competitions of national and international levels in general educational subjects;
  • Support highly motivated students to improve their performance in subject Olympiads and competitions;
  • Creation of conditions for formation of motivational priorities for students in order to maximize development of creative abilities and desire to engage in intellectual activity.

Result of work:

  • Organizer of the international scientific competition “Young Scientist” in South Korea on general education subjects for students of grades 8-11 (Order of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan № 460 of November 12, 2014)
  • Organizer of international conferences: “Empire of Mind” University MODUL in Dubai (UAE), “New Trends in the 21st Century” in Dajon (South Korea), “Following Attila” Fijip Eurotalant. Frants
  • International specialized language school in Dejeon, South Korea ; Film School of Creativity in cooperation with the International Communication and Media Communication Department of WOOSONG South Kor University
  • Mathematical school Magic Chest created together with Astana State University
    Holding of specialized schools on subjects of natural-scientific\humanitarian cycle.
  • Participation in charitable events, festivals, round tables together with public organizations.

We have only to add that we have been cooperating on various issues with Tipps Saihattanova Shinguzhina for several years. Memorandum of cooperation signed last autumn Since March the Educational Center “Global SAPA” has become our strategic partner in the implementation of the grant of NAO “Center for Support of Civic Initiatives” of the Ministry of Information and Public Development “Implementation of the national project” Birgemiz: Bilim “to provide volunteer assistance in preparation for UNT, English language, computer and legal literacy of students of high schools.

We have a lot of joint plans ahead of us. Among them is the integration of the topic of SDG-2030 in educational organizations.

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

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