Telpekbaeva Zhanna Tleubekovna – the hereditary teacher of three generations

 Zhanna Tleubekovna constantly rotates in the youth team of students, living their joys and sorrows. The modern generation of young people is purposeful, successful and ambitious. Student spirit helps her to move forward, not afraid of innovative ideas, optimistic about the future. Constantly improving her knowledge, she is a “eternal student”. That’s right: «Like begets like». For Zhanna Tleubekovna the model for all those parents – mother, Isabaeva Gulbagda Akhmetovna, basketball coach and dad, Aksholakov Tleubek Cobkenovich, coach on free-style wrestling, the international referee.

Hereditary teacher Telpekbaeva Z. T. continuing the glorious dynasty of teachers, which began with past generations of her family (grandmother were also teachers), started to teach technical subjects in schools, and then gain experience, they created their own school. At the age of 29, with a small child in her arms, she was not afraid to head the school, as she was supported by the district authorities and the family. The abandoned building, which had been empty for seven years, was restored and became a center for training rural youth of the ili district. In 2002, it established a private polytechnic college “Progress”.

Every year it trains about 500 students. The college participates in the training and retraining of specialists using the dual system of education. The head of the institution, Telpekbaeva Z. T. takes part in the international projects for development and implementation of the system of dual training in colleges of Kazakhstan. Collaborates with international organizations such as «The international labour organization», the European education Foundation, the British Council, the German chamber of craftsmen. The issues of education of people with disabilities do not remain without attention. Polytechnic college “Progress” has been training people with special educational needs since 2009. One of the main components of socialization of people with disabilities is to provide them with socially useful employment.

The college has all the necessary conditions for obtaining professional education for people with special educational needs: open special rooms (sewing shop, hairdressing salon, bakery, etc.), created special training programs, a resource center for the exchange of experience. Since 2002 Zhanna Tleubekovna takes an active part in public life of the region, is a member of the Almaty regional maslikhat of V and VI convocations, member of the Regional Council of the chamber of entrepreneurs of Almaty region. Since 2007, he is the President of the Association of entrepreneurs of the ili district and the Chairman of the Association of business women of the district. Since 2013, he is the party curator of the Almaty regional branch of the party “Nur Otan” in the direction of “Innovative economy”, takes part in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, including those aimed at digitalization of production. For active public work was awarded with letters of thanks of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, diplomas of the Ministry of Education and science of Kazakhstan, jubilee medal «20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «20th anniversary of Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

The story lines of fate of the parents was repeated in her family: sons Dastan and Amir grew up in the student walls. The role of the family Zhanna Tleubekovna put it this way: “Is my support, they cheer for me and help to go forward, to benefit society. The opinions of all members of my family, both the oldest and the youngest, are important to me. The more organized a woman is, the more harmonious she develops everything in the family and at work. A happy family is like a small state in which it is necessary to work and obey family rules and traditions to all family members on equal and respectful relations, that is, it is also a great work. Career and family are compatible and necessary for every woman side of her happy life. She believes that a woman should be successful and in demand, at the same time gentle and affectionate, create comfort and warmth in her home, in the family, take an active position in society, shouldn’t be indifferent, because the social well-being of society depends on women’s wise policy.

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