Svetlana Mauteeva: Abolished as the village turned into a large farm, where «all its»

I was born and grew up in the village of West Kazakhstan region. Parents always kept a large farm, so all the products provided farmstead. Money for food practically didn’t spend — the salary went for other purposes. When restructuring began and the market economy entered, the market was filled with goods from abroad. I was a housewife, my husband was mainly engaged in trade in food products. Suddenly my husband died suddenly, I was left alone with two minor children and I had a small team. Responsibility for the upbringing of children and the maintenance of workers lay on my shoulders. Who doubted, immediately resigned. It was necessary to look for a way to stay in the market, to deal only with resale considered a business without a future.

We decided to start the production of bakery and confectionery products. Trained personnel in Moscow, Samara, mastered modern technologies at preparation, didn’t refuse natural raw materials, and all the time improved! Our confectionery enterprises were among the first to receive ISO 22000-2006 and ISO 9001-2001 certificates. At various national and international exhibitions have repeatedly won Grand Prix diplomas and gold medals of the National League of consumers of Kazakhstan, we have been awarded the national quality mark “Perfect”. National Center of expertise and certification of Russia has assigned 2 types of products quality mark — “Our Brand”. This inspired not only me, but all my employees. But… the constant price hikes for raw materials created uncertainty in our business, fear that we would be uncompetitive. When handy life experience of parents — well, when all his. To reduce the cost and stability of raw materials for production, it was decided to open a peasant farm. The land was allocated 60 km from the place of residence, once it was a branch of the farm, the entire population went to the district center, and the buildings were destroyed for building materials. For the construction and purchase of building materials were credited through the Fund “Damu”, ACC, FFP for a total of over 200 million.

It was 11 years ago… Without agricultural education, without experience… but a sense of responsibility makes it impossible to do. The car became my second home — all year round, every day for 100 thousand km. Our village Karakemir we gave a second life, and once this village wanted to abolish, because there was not a single resident. Today we sow grain crops, herbs, planted a garden, in a season we grow vegetables, we grow cattle krupnorogaty of the meat and dairy direction, horses, sheep, rabbits, goats. Built a base for animals, poultry-10,000 laying hens and rearing young with incubator, mill, MTF, warehouses, MTM, canteens, baths, hostel, greenhouse, greenhouses, hostel for workers — everything you need for work and living. Gasified up to 3 km, had water, because the farm consists of 3 complexes. Free accommodation and meals are provided. The children grew up, the daughter graduated from the University of Michigan ahead of schedule for 2,5 years, received an internship in America, returned home, got married, now at the invitation of a foreign company works as a leading specialist and receives a decent salary. Son received two higher education and now helps me. The team has grown to 200 x people, we produce hundreds of products — from down order pillows, wool blankets – in General waste-free production. We have only horns, hooves and skins. Soooo I would like to edit these skins, and to sew beautiful things from fur and leather. To grow beets, to deliver to the sugar factory and get sugar balance. It’s a matter of time, I think! I can’t say that all this is easy, looking back, only now realized how I could decide to do this. It was difficult and now it isn’t easy. Climatic conditions do not spoil, the annual drought does not yield a crop, poor pastures, there are no people willing to work in the village. We are located 200 km from the regional center. Thousands of students graduate from universities, receiving agricultural education, but during my work, no one asked for work in the village, afraid to lose urban privileges, and in fact work in the village disciplines and tempers. It’s necessary to get up early and go to bed late, it’s a good school of life, after working in the village you can work at any other job.

I would like to take this opportunity to address young people and their parents. Today in the village work mostly people of Mature age, and who will feed your children and your grandchildren??? Because it is often the parents themselves are counted, not prestigious does not let the children go to the village. Believe that the improvement of the person, place of residence and work are in no way affected, and today’s forum is the obvious example.


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