Speaker Dinara Assanova “The role of women’s museums in preserving a unique historical and cultural heritage for future generations”

Dinara Assanova heads a very interesting non-profit organization “Women of Kazakhstan” in Almaty. Our acquaintance began with Fb and now we are partners, we supported several projects of each other and we still have many great plans.

To get to know her better, we recommend reading this literally exciting information


Dinara always stresses that her grandfather Sarybaev Shora Shamgalievich inspired her to study the role of women in history and the creation of “Women of Kazakhstan”.

Having worked for many years in serious business structures, she comes to the creation of an NGO, which she registered in 2016. And for two years, she has already done a lot. You can find out about this and be constantly in the course of events if you subscribe to its page.


While preparing for the Forum “Women leaders of the Silk Road” we invited Dinara Assanova to act as a speaker and present her unique experience! This topic unites our organizations and is undoubtedly interesting to many people.

Her performance was presented in the third thematic cluster “Leadership of Women in Culture (Art, Cinema, Media)” and aroused interest among the participants. We suggest you to get acquainted with the theses of the presentation demonstrated in the presentation.

We are sure that women, creating a kind of cultural dialogue, can play a big role in achieving the highest and noble goals in the humanization of the modern world! And the activity of Dinara Assanova and her “Women of Kazakhstan” is a vivid confirmation of this.

A photo exhibition “Women of the Silk Road” was also organized in the framework of the forum. This will be our separate publication.

In the photo – Dinara Assanova herself in the created image of the women of the Silk Road!

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

Translated by: Alisher Akkazenov

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