Sholpanoy Turdysheva: I’m ready to help women deal with greenhouse farming

Sholpanoy Turdysheva of Osakarov district, Karaganda region became the winner of the grant in the project “Coca-Cola Blaster” in 2016 and used the proceeds to built the first greenhouse. According to her, she was inspired to engage in greenhouse farming, seeing how you can use solar panels, drip irrigation, agrovolokno and hydrogel in the Center of green technologies “Arnasay” (village Arnasay Arshaly District of Akmola region).

The first family greenhouse was in the yard, the frame of which was assembled from old window frames. With the grant money she acquired very high quality seeds, drip irrigation and the result exceeded all expectations. Success always inspires. It took only two years and we August 14, 2018, saw a great result of painstaking and, most importantly, with the soul of the work performed.

Received lending from “Damu” Fund, Sholpanoy together with her husband Mirash has expanded its business, setting the greenhouse up to 1600 sq. m! We saw a greenhouse in which four blocks, in which cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and greens are grown.

With the support of akim v. Molodezhniy, the whole opening ceremony of the greenhouse was held, the entrepreneur shared her experience of growing vegetables in protected soil, as well as the peculiarities of doing business with the use of green technologies. Tomatoes and cucumbers grown here are not only pleasing to the eye, but also very tasty. The entrepreneur was very scrupulous in choosing the best and expensive seeds and now she is worried about the seed Fund for the next year.

 The second part of the event was held in the format of the meeting “Mechanisms to support women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas” in the building of the local club.

To support Z. Turdysheva to this event from Astana arrived the whole team, headed by dear all the member of Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan of IV, V, VI convocations Maira Arapovna Aisina. It is for the implementation of the project “Coca-Cola Blaster” is his inspirer, always travels with his propaganda throughout Kazakhstan. And today it is the moderation and the speech became a vivid expression of support for women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Aigul Sagadibekovna Solovieva, as Chairman of the Board of the «Association of environmental organizations of Kazakhstan» called on all participants to support the development of women’s business, to participate in the competition of business plans and start their own business.

Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova, Chairman of the Board of The “Coalition for green economy and development of G-Global” — an organization that is a co-executor of the project “Sosa-Cola belesteri” in Akmola and Karaganda region, presented the history of development and its prospects. For example, the ceremony of the winners of this year will be held at the First forum of rural women of Kazakhstan in October, and next 2019 we plan to do it at the Beijing Expo exhibition, the theme of which is “Green life – the best life”. And ahead of us there are simply grandiose plans to support rural women.

In his speech, mayor of Osakarovskiy district Kobzhanova Nurken Saifiddinovich voiced strong support of the activities of Sholpanoy Turdysheva and interest in the activities CST “Arnasay”, where in the near future with a visit to a delegation of the district.

Executive Director of the Coalition for green economy and development of G-Global Askhat Suleimenov presented at the meeting the success of the project participants for 2013-2017. These examples of ordinary rural women who started small, and now the figures of their annual turnover range from 5 to 35 million tenge, will not leave anyone indifferent.

 Anara Kurmanova is also the winner of the 2017, also shared his success story came from the neighboring Saryarkinskiy to support Sholpanoy.

And of course, the heroine of this day Sholpanoy not only presented their achievements, but also very sincerely told that her thoughts earlier was that she wanted only herself to deal with the greenhouse, not sharing with anyone their secrets. But now she openly declared that she is ready to share her experience with everyone, to help everyone, and called on everyone to unite and create an agricultural cooperative! Her dream is that all the villagers had a steady job and a good profit, tooby in all villages became good houses with all modern usloviyami for life!

This is how the dialogue platform for the exchange of experience in the development of women’s entrepreneurship in rural youth was held. In the run-up to the First rural women’s forum, this is a very important and vivid example of the success of rural women, which will be presented at its site.

It remains only to add that on the way to the village we were pleased with the sown fields, beautiful nature of the region and, of course, the inhabitants.

We will believe that in the next visit we will see a strong and sustainable greenhouse, which will be an example for many.

We wish you good luck and implementation of the most courageous and worthy tasks!

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