Session Expo&Women in the framework of the Astana Economic forum -2018

Astana economic forum 2018 is held in a fundamentally new format. The new conceptual approach is expressed in the new name of the Global Challenges Summit forum and the two main trends of the World for Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan for the world forum.

The entire program of the forum is reflected in the theme of 12 major global challenges of our time, which are designated as 12 tracks of the AEF. All this you can read on the official website

Our organization declared its readiness to implement its platform within the framework of the Astana economic forum as soon as its launch was officially announced. During this time, a number of negotiations and agreements with the organizers took place, and here is the result that we can safely call our great victory! We thank the Moscow team of organizers for mutual understanding and support of our ideas.

The Global Challenges Summit program approved our session called


The brief of our session is as follows.

The Gender inequality index (the Gender Inequality Index) currently shows that there are half as many opportunities for women as there are for men. In particular, only a quarter of the seats in national parliaments were given to women, and the statistics among heads of state were even more significant. In today’s world, there are only 22 women leaders who govern countries and hold the posts of Prime Ministers. In the field of technology, the vast majority of specialists are still men. Examples of women leaders in the fields of science, STEM and international business are rare. Only 20% of women occupy top positions in the corporate world.

How will the situation change in the future? That will bring new female managers? How will the business landscape change with the arrival of women leaders? Will the world of the future be a world of equal opportunities?

The session will be included in the track “NEW WORLD MAN”.

In the composition of the project team preparation for the Forum, yet few people: Chairman of the Presidium Saltanat Rakhimbekova, Lasat Askarova, CEO and Aliya Galbadia, Presidium member of “Expo&Women”.

We are grateful to Aliya for her creative approach to the realization of our session. Thanks to her communications at the international level, she was able to negotiate with very well – known speakers-real stars.

Who are they? Very soon we will start publishing about the speakers of our session.

Thus, the contribution of women and women’s leadership in the global trends of our time is once again updated. Our organization proves its competence and readiness to work at the international level!

Dear friends! If you share our vision and are ready to become partners in the implementation of this unique women’s platform within the framework of the Global summit, we are open to dialogue and cooperation!

Author: Lyazat Askarova

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