Samal Ayupova: With a special love for his work…

As a child, I dreamed of working as an investigator, walking in a strict police uniform, to investigate complicated criminal cases. Following the dream, she entered the humanitarian College for a lawyer, then received higher education in Almaty. The dream remained a dream, but not quite. I was married to a policeman, who gave birth to three horsemen. I believe that they will grow up friendly, United, our support. It was in such a large family that I grew up. I also love flowers, and in my house today is a real Botanical garden, which is very like all my men! I also love to read … about the bitter smell of wormwood, the history of nomads, I love to listen to the melodies of kyuis – it’s all my homeland – Kazakhstan.

My professional career developed in my native village – Terenkol. In 2008, she became an employee of the Kachir district PSC. Year advised citizens, studied standards of public services, attended all trainings and seminars. Then service was not more than 50. I knew by heart about each of them, the entire list of documents, the period of delivery, the size of the state fee. I liked it when my customers left happy, she thanked me. My head Vasiliy Nicolaevich Babiy supported me, having appointed me the chief of the operating room. And then he recommended me for the position of head of the Department.

I’ve been running the Department for six years. There are only 10 of us. Each of my colleagues has become my soul mate, and together we are turning this complex mechanism into a real “Government for citizens”. About 600 public services are currently provided through the front offices of the PSC. All activities of the population passes through the PSC. Also, according to 5 social initiatives of our Leader, we pay special attention and time to digitalization. I am grateful to my colleagues who provide quality public services to the rural population. Every year the machine of the state Corporation is gaining great momentum, millions of documents and electronic certificates of citizens are processed here. Together with it we develop and keep up with the times. I live in Kazakhstan, I wish prosperity, stability and world recognition for my native land, because the social status of Kazakhstan people is growing with it.

Samal Ayupova


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