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Exchange of the “green” innovations

It is an honor for Astana, where the international exhibition EXPO 2017 “Future of energy” will take place, now becomes a powerful worldwide center of “green” initiatives and innovations. Due to the active formation of the Kazakh content of innovations on EXPO 2017, worldwide community and international investors get to know the intellectual and scientifically innovative potential of Kazakh people, including a future “movers” of the progress.


An Honorable President of the international organization “EXPO&WOMEN”, a Chairman of the Coalition” For the “Future of Energy” and development of G-Global”, a Professor of economic sciences- Ms. Saltanat Rakhimbekova shared her thoughts about it.

-Saltanat Temirkulova, in his speech on national teleconference dedicated to the Industrialization Day, our President reminded us once again about the global trends that are related to the new technological structure and innovative factors like growing drivers of the future economy. What actions and platforms allow revealing a full innovative potential of Kazakhstan community?

-First of all I would like to remind that the success of the upcoming international exhibition EXPO 2017 “Future of Energy” is largely depends on active involvement of the citizens of the planet in priorities realization of energy and ecological initiatives, which was launched by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev as a formula for sustainable development of civilization in 21 century. That’s why cooperation of different international and national institutes of development creating a potential opportunities to unite community power of innovators within the global project G-Global.

Our mission in this process- is to unite community power for actualization of the project EXPO and its promotion into local and global practice. That’s why we try to use maximum of the potential communication of G-Global, which creates an amazing possibilities for direct dialog with global and domestic intellectual society, including investors that invest resources into more effective innovative projects. This means, in fact, nowadays in preparation of EXPO 2017 we form a domestic market of innovative projects. Therefore it’s remarkable that the actualization of the projects EXPO 2017 isn’t only followed by a constant dialogue but by its demonstration under “ A virtual exhibition EXPO 2017” that functions on platform of G-Global, which certainly contributes to a better disclosure of innovative potential of our country, and also forms a new technological mindset in our society.

In October 2014, “Astana EXPO 2017” signed a memorandum on organization and on making the republic competition of “green” innovations and projects Online EXPO 2017. It was initiated by Kazakhstan public organization- the Coalition “For the “green” economy and development of G-Global”, Association of “Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists” and a Joint-stock Company “National company “Astana EXPO 2017”. From public structures of memorandum was signed by MES and MID of the RK, national agency on technological development, NSTH “Parasat”, JSC “Samruk-Energy”, JSC “Baiterek”, LLC “Technology Commercialization Center”, JSC “NMH “KazArgo”, JSC “KazArgo Innovations”, JSC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund “Damu”, ENU Innovation Park, as well as the leading public organizations of the country. Participants of the memorandum created a republican competition headquarters, which was designed to activate partnership between departments, development institutes, public and business structures. The department is headed by a deputy of Senate, the chairman of International secretariat of G-Global- Serik Nugerbekov.

According to records on June 1, 2015, approximately 400 applications were submitted for the Online EXPO 2017 competition; more than 2 thousand website visitors were registered, 75 blogs were created. During 7 months of operation, our virtual portal of competition entered the chart of first thousands most visited sites in Kazakhstan.

-How active is work on commercialization of those projects going?

-This year in Astana, with support of national company “Astana EXPO 2017” and G-Global area was held a technology brokerage event- “Technology Commercialization”. Within this event Kazakh innovators presented 50 new inventions to investors. Organizers of this event were Technology commercialization center by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with World Bank and American fund of civilian research and development CRDF Global under the multi-year project “Technology Commercialization”, which is aimed to identify the best Kazakhstan innovations and inventions and relevant industries organization. So, on this meeting five of Kazakhstan innovation companies signed license agreements and memorandums with innovators to implement their developments.

From presented 50 works, 11 projects were stated on “Online EXPO 2017” competition, which started in November 2015. Participation on this competition will certainly help them to get a social advertising both domestically and globally.

Within the competition it is necessary to identify which Kazakhstan innovations and innovators can serve as a remarkable brand image support of Kazakhstan. Nowadays none of Kazakhstan inventor or scientist were became an object of such “branding” from government. We don’t usually participate in worldwide contests and innovation ratings. That’s why no one knows how many geniuses in science and in innovation area we have, however after a couple of months of work with participants we can definitely say that we are highly advanced society, not only a consumers of foreign technologies.

-Nowadays Kazakhstan branding is produced throughout the other channels- cultural and sports, for example PR companies of celebrities like violinist Aiman Muskhadzhayeva and a boxer Gennady Golovkin. As a result- worldwide society and international investors still poorly informed about our intellectual progress. For 20 years of independence none of our Kazakh scientists were nominated abroad for Nobel Prize award. What kind of projects can we take today as a base of branding?

-Selected leading projects on the “Online EXPO 2017” competition can be recommended for funding to Kazakhstan institutes of development and of course, for branding support from government. For example, nowadays the best quality basalt fiber for insulation is produced in Kazakhstan by technology of one and only Kazakhstan power engineer Aleksandr Nesterenkov from Almaty,, one of the leaders in “Online EXPO 2017” competition. This year he will test his almost unique and cheapest mini solar power station (module 0.3 kWh) with hubs. It utilizes solar heat of photopanels, replacing solar collectors, and incidentally can desalinate and distill any salty and dirty drinking water.

Among “green” technology in Kazakhstan the most active development gets a solar energy and an energy-efficient heating. Currently, we prepare to release the purest low cost silicon for solar battery. Academician Nuraly Bekturganov writes, receiving the high-quality silicon from phosphoric industry waste to Institute of Science and Technology will allow use it in production of plates for solar cells, which we can settle in Techno Park that is located in Alatau village next to Almaty. New way of production of solar silicon will allow lowering the cost of the material almost in half. Other example, Professor of KBTU in Almaty Kair Nusupov, finishes the preparation on producing the best solar silicon batteries with an efficiency of 32% and five times superior quality resources durability on other analogues.

It is also remarkable that Kazakhstan becomes fifth country in the world that produces solar cells with a full cycle of production and processing of silicon. Our Republic has a respectable scientific potential for production of effective solar power both based on silicon and gallium arsenide solar cells. Kazakhstan is among top three global producers of gallium. The capacity of global production is almost 100 tons per year, domestic- 22 tons per year. Chemical and metallurgical shop of JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan” under the direction of professor Alkenov A. produces most ultrapure gallium in the world- 99.9999% marked 6.

Today Kazakh people invented more than six types of eco-friendly ovens and boilers with efficiency above 90%. The participant in competition Almat Salgarin from Astana invented and tested several existing continuous burning stoves without smoke, dioxins and without a stoker, besides with 30% savings of the solid fuel and the possibility of waste incineration. He learned how to burn CO- carbon monoxide at a temperature of 2000 degrees by a cheap catalyst.

Dina Nusupbekova from Almaty is 74 years old. But she keeps making new discoveries, being the record-holder in numbers of inventions among the women in CIS countries. For today’s record she has more than 52 registered inventions! She reached a lot in one of the key areas of energy efficiency- replacement of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels with water by 40-60% due to the release of hydrogen from water without usage of expensive electrolysis. In fact, this is unique decision, which for sure must be promoted to the market. I could make hundreds of those kinds of examples. For example, among the projects that capable of creating glory to domestic high-tech industry, the production of the most demanded hydrogenated nitrile rubber in the global market. Nowadays Science and Technology Park KazNU and LLC “PolihimTeh- Almaty” organizing the production of this product, which uniqueness is that it exceeds the cost-effectiveness of global monopoly industries- “Lanxess” (Germany) and “Seon” (Japan). Another example- technopark “Altay” with East Kazakhstan State Technical University produces world’s highest quality ceramic materials for microelectronics from beryllium oxide by a technology of university professor Gennady Bitsoyev,

One of the participants in competition is Penalty Fruits and Grapes (Almaty), which revives Almaty aport apples, our former pride. We also have a production of ecologically pure marble meat cattle of Aberdeen- Angus sort (USA). For example, in Aqmola region KazBeef produces it for the export with a support of subsidiaries “KazAgro”. But the problem is that they still don’t have the certification of class and quality, including ecological compatibility. In Japan this kind of certification carried out on 12 indicators.

The leader of the competition on applications with existing prototypes among the regions is Almaty- 27 innovations, Astana is on second place.

ЭКСПО-град - солнца и ветра брат Как уже сообщалось, в конце апреля нынешнего года Президент Казахстана Нурсултан Назарбаев принял участие в церемонии закладки капсулы на месте строительства выставочного комплекса "Астана ЭКСПО-2017". Сабир Дусумов
ЭКСПО-град – солнца и ветра брат
Как уже сообщалось, в конце апреля нынешнего года Президент Казахстана Нурсултан Назарбаев принял участие в церемонии закладки капсулы на месте строительства выставочного комплекса “Астана ЭКСПО-2017”.
Сабир Дусумов

Thereby, exhibition EXPO 2017 becomes a new catalyst for the development of science and innovations in Kazakhstan, and we can’t miss this opportunity. The first stage of competition showed the presence of more than twenty unique technologies and promising scientists and innovators in topical “green” areas that are capable of being resonators on a global market.

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