Sagyngalieva Saya urged the youth to be involved in their country

Good day, forum participants! It is a great honor for me to speak on behalf of rural youth at a large-scale meeting dedicated to working women of Darkhan steppe! “Where there are women, there is always honesty, objectivity and the desire to move forward,” the head of state said. Greatness of women, students, residents of the city and warmth in the heart-the main thing in life, the beauty of life. I hold a leading position of the Youth resource center in Baiganin district of Aktobe region. It is known that for strict execution of any business knowledge and experience are necessary.

As chairman of the Association, I wrote many social projects and won a grant from foreign donors. In addition to this activity, I combine coaching, which conducts lectures, seminars, training seminars among young people. Each person with great enthusiasm does the work, and he will be pleased with himself and his friends. In the area of residence I’m not only «one hand to rock the cradle», but women who see their job and profession! Because in the village all conditions are created in order that each hardworking person began the work. No need to give up the sweet life of the village and go to the city. Because, perhaps, in the village there is a dream come true. This is evidenced today by the villagers who have become professionals in their field. Today, the village and the city are developing at the same level. The only difference is the name. As you know, in this year of the village were native grandmother, who came to the Moon and became the brothers melt.

No wonder our wise people say: “Good work – the breath of the soul.” As a young man born in the village, living in his country, I call on the ardent youth to contribute to the development and prosperity of his native land, even in Kapler. Due to the fact that we take an active part in the life of the village, we achieve great success in any field, our country will undoubtedly be known to the whole world. At the end of the word, I want to say that Abay can’t be without exaggeration, if he was used to the five noble qualities, which Abay spoke about, always deeply thought, demanded himself, worked painlessly and satisfied that we do not receive the grace of others.

“Road map of the world and you,

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How the sky opens!»

The sky is open, now there is only the sun. Young people! Next year is our year! This year young people trust more vigilant young people! In the country separate the love, care that another rich Kazakh deltaic of the nation. Forward youth!

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