Ryskul Taishekenova- hardworking, responsible for their work, the doctor of the village marm Makat

The head of state in his Message” New opportunities for development in the conditions of the Fourth industrial revolution ” noted the need to integrate information systems in the field of health care, increase the availability of medical care through the use of mobile digital applications, the introduction of an electronic health passport, transfer to a paperless hospital. In this regard, in the Central district hospital located in makatsky rural district of Atyrau region where I work, devices for transition to the uniform information system were installed, electronic registration for medical reception, electronic queue, registration of newborns was carried out.

In General, the rural hospital provides affordable care to 27478 residents. Currently, the number of doctors working in health care has reached 35, of which 66% are women. In the period from 2016 to 18 years, 10 young professionals arrived with a graduate in the village, they were provided with service apartments from the government. Due to the increase in life expectancy and the increase in demand for medical services — the types of services have changed significantly. The state program “Health”, approved for the further development of health care, also States that the current health should not be directed to expensive hospital treatment, but mainly to the prevention of diseases. Specialists trained at the clinic healthy children’s classrooms and teach the young mothers and the local health workers how to care for a child, cooking additional meals, breastfeeding. In the rehabilitation center, opened for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and newborns with congenital malformations, all conditions, speech therapy simulators, propulsion systems, dry sauna-all great opportunities to improve the viability of patients.

Day care unit of semi-stationary type-created with the support of the district organization of employment and social programs to create conditions for the care, recreation and development of children with disabilities. Family planning offices are also decorated with illustrative illustrations necessary for the prevention of maternal and child health, created opportunities to obtain the necessary information for mothers of any reproductive age, as a result of family planning and schools of young mothers have improved demographic indicators, the health index of pregnant women, postpartum complications. Health schools have been opened for 9 types of diseases, which implies the prevention of non-communicable diseases, self-monitoring of the patient for the stages of excitation and complications of chronic diseases, which are registered by the doctor. Treatment quota allocated to medical care in the cities of Almaty, Astana, is available. That’s how today our rural medicine-participants of the forum. I am convinced that the future of health care in the way of the nation’s health will develop.

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