Rural Women SDG-2030 Leaders

The Green Coalition and the Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan nominate Kazakh women to the contest SDG and It,

Organized by the World Bank and UNDP.

As Saltanat Rakhimbekova wrote, in 2019 we established the annual program Rural Women Leaders of the SDG of Kazakhstan.

We are convinced that the Programme for Sustainable Development until 2030 cannot be implemented without the participation of women.

Not only are women potential beneficiaries of the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, they are also active participants in achieving them.

We, the initiators of the project, within the framework of the implementation of our program, first, today we have identified 17 “Rural women as Persons of the SDG of Kazakhstan.” Their work directly helps the world achieve ЦУР-2030. Their contribution may inspire other women to follow suit, but that contribution too often remains unrecognized.

Secondly, in order to emphasize the efforts of women, we plan to nominate our “Rural Women Persons of SDGs of Kazakhstan” to the annual contest “SDGs and It,” announced by the World Bank in April 2018.

Author: Rahimbekova Saltanat Temirkulova

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