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Applications continue to be accepted in the Second Republican Contest “Green Office,” dedicated to the formation of environmental policy of companies and saving resources of the office

In the period from June 10 to September 1 this year, on the site page _ id = 1934 applications for participation in the Competition “Green Office” are accepted. To participate, you must complete the questionnaire and send it to
The objectives of the competition are to promote the ecological lifestyle, green and low-carbon technologies to increase the environmental friendliness, comfort and ergonomics of public buildings, to disseminate best practices and technological solutions of best practices, and to brand environmentally responsible organizations.
Organizers of the Competition: The Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global (hereinafter – the Coalition) with the support of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan and the Office of the OSCE Programs in Nur-Sultan.
The competition is held in ten nominations, where representatives of institutions of public administration, education, health care, commercial and trade structures, industry, international organizations, NGOs, etc. will be able to take part.
Terms of participation in the competition are available on the website, Facebook page
The “green office” is called an office in which all resources are economically used and concern for the environment is manifested.
In the “Green Office” they are engaged in environmental education of workers and visitors, save resources (electricity, heat, water, paper), refuse unnecessary purchases, use environmentally friendly means and technologies, clean, ionize and moisturize the air, separately sort household garbage and make egs processing.
The introduction of elements of the “green” office contributes: to reduce the cost of maintaining the office; reducing the incidence of ballots, improving the efficiency and productivity of work, improving the image of organizations in the eyes of the public.
Similar competitions of green offices are held in many countries.


The results of the Competition will be announced in September 2020, participants will be awarded with certificates of participants, and winners will take part in the award ceremony, which is planned in October this year in Nur-Sultan.
For information, please contact Okapova Asyl 87473838301

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