Official meeting with Mayor of West Kazakhstan region

Dear friends! While flying on the plane, they returned from the city of Uralsk to Nur Sultan,

Wrote this post, about how today we were received by the Governor of West Kazakhstan region Gali IskaliyevGali Pressedenovich.
During the meeting we discussed in detail the development of villages and rural areas of the region, ways to improve the quality of life in rural areas, employment of mothers with many children and solution of unemployment problems.

During the meeting with Akim of the region, we summed up the results of the Forum of Rural Women of the region, marking the high role of women in the development of the agrarian sphere of the region, discussed the possibilities of broad involvement of young people in the agricultural industry in the leading agricultural enterprises of the region, and much more.

Of course, we told in detail about our visit to the farm of Svetlana Burhanova Mauteeva (200 km from Uralsk), and on her example we discussed ways to solve the existing problems of attracting personnel to agricultural enterprises, the urgent need to develop rural engineering infrastructure, road construction.

When visiting the peasant farm “NUR” Svetlana Mauteeva we saw the built separate complexes:

1) dairy farm for 200 heads of cows of Kazakh white-headed rock;

2) feeding base for one hundred heads of VDC,

3) poultry farm for 1000 heads of poultry;

4) greenhouses and greenhouses, where grows the most delicious tomatoes and cucumbers, greens;

5) has MTS with tractors and harvesters,

6) has thousands of hectares of fields, grows cereals and legumes.

We were pleasantly struck everywhere on the complexes by the perfect order and it is visible that the work is organized as according to the quality management system. Just bravo, Svetlana Mauteeva!

But there are problems in farms – acute shortage of personnel, need to attract additional investments, construction of roads, purchase of quality fodders for CRS and birds. The problems identified are common to most of the country ‘s farms and peasants.

So, following the meeting with the Governor of the region agreed:
1) to work jointly pilot the issue of attracting personnel to the farm of Svetlana Mauteeva according to the well-known program of the Ministry of Labor;
2) to work together on the issue of including the construction of a road-15 km in the special project “Auyl – El besigI.” It is a road connecting the farm “NUR” and the village of Uspenskoe, where there is a renovated modern rural school, which in a few years can empty;
3) to promote close cooperation between the farm of Svetlana Mauteeva and West Kazakh Agricultural and Technical University named after Zhangir-Khan (ZKATU) on the organization of summer practices for students of veterinary, agronomists, etc.;
4) to create a project together with ZKATU on formation of personnel reserve of Akimat of the region – managers of agriculture, akims of rural districts, etc.;
5) to recommend in the region to engage in beekeeping, at the same time to sow on the crop rotation donik, culture, which is an improvement of soil, juicy fodder base and a powerful honey carrier;
6) offered to implement the business cases developed by us for the development of 505,000 tenge, intended for rural and urban mothers with many children;

7) to work together on the ЦУР-2030 program, in terms of support of public Persons on SDRs;

8) visit of RTS Arnasay by a delegation from the West Kazakhstan region;
9) on the widespread installation of RES installations in remote pastures of the region.

General impression of the meeting: Governor of the region Gali Iskaliyev is open to dialogue, with interest marked ideas in his notebook, carefully viewed the materials offered by us. In general, to our joy, the meeting with Akim of the region turned out productive and useful.

And for sure it is possible to say that Akim of the region – hearing Akim! And the need to hear society to executive bodies first of all was mentioned by President Kasim-Zhomart Tokayev.

We wish Gali Pressedinovich success and good luck!

Author: Rahimbekova Saltanat Temirkulova

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