Model private House of Mercy by Nadezhda

I came from Karaganda region, my name is Nadezhda Grigorievna Alekseeva. She was born in Tokarevka village of Karaganda region, now it’s a village named by G. Mustafin. All my life I devoted to work in the public service. She headed the district Department of social protection for 20 years. Over the years of work in social protection had to deal with different people, different fates. In the years of formation of our state it was necessary to help and find solutions to different categories of citizens – low-income, large families, lonely elderly, disabled people. There were days when I came home after midnight. But I don’t regret it, work gave all the strength and energy, because I knew that my help is more needed for people in need.

In our team came young professionals who later passed all the joys and difficulties of “social”.  Having worked in the field of social protection, young girls and boys have become popular in various fields. Today, my students were qualified and experienced professionals, many of them hold senior positions. They transfer their knowledge to a new generation of young Kazakhstanis. Currently, I am on a well-deserved vacation, I am a veteran of public service. But now is not sitting idly by. I run a private family home for lonely old people. And the background of the opening of our house is as follows. Working in the field of social protection, I was on duty and on personal desire constantly had to help many people. And I saw that lonely old people and people with disabilities in particular need of support. Fate, sometimes disposes us not so, as like would. Many remain without relatives, without means and without roof over the head. And there are a lot of such people. Back in 1999, I had the idea to open a House of mercy for lonely elderly people. Time passed, hard times passed, life in our country began to improve, our village began to revive.

And the idea to create a private nursing Home came to life. We found a new building, made a good overhaul, landscaped area. Today more than 20 single pensioners live in our private family home. All of them live in comfortable conditions and are surrounded by attention. On all lack love, kindness, sensitivity. We have good food, excellent living conditions. I’m proud to say that our house is one of the exemplary in the Karaganda region. Most recently, in the competition held by the party “Nur Otan” — “the Best social projects of Kazakhstan”, our House took first place. Our old people have everything they need for a full, meaningful life. I make sure they don’t lose their connection with society, the residents of the village. My grandparents are mentors for young people, generously share their experience with the younger generation. To visit us come children’s groups, show concerts, on holidays there are artists. My wards are involved in the social life of the village, in the spring we were engaged in the restoration of the village Park. We worked there ourselves and called our villagers to this necessary and important for the village business. Many have responded to our call. The Park has repeatedly held clean-UPS, it was clean and beautiful. So, personal example older people, showed the young residents of the village that all things are possible. It is only necessary to unite efforts in noble deeds.

I am very pleased to be here today at the first Forum of rural women and to share my achievements. Many thanks to the organizers for the invitation! I believe that all of us, Kazakhstanis, each in its place, should live and work for the benefit of our wonderful country – the Republic of Kazakhstan. To contribute to its prosperity and development.

Thank you for your attention!

Alekseeva Nadezhda Grigorievna

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