Maira Karsakbayeva

The Committee Chairman of International Partnership of the ALE (Association of Legal Entities) in IO “EXPO&WOMEN”.

Producer and member of South American Movie Association “ACFC” and “Women in Film and Video”. Studied Philosophy and Economics in Kazakh National University. Official representative of “Fashion Week for International Designers in Washington (organized the participation of Balnur Asanova/ “Symbat”/ Kuralai Nurkadilova/ Akkenzhe Devyatko and others).

Together with her American partners organized the arrival of Hollywood stars to Kazakh Movie Festival. Hollywood stars like Steven Seagal, Mike Tyson, Kevin Costner, Hilary Swank, Jeremy Irons, Richard Dreyfuss, Lane Devies and others.

Fluent in English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

Work Experience:

Adviser of the Board Chairman of “Astana EXPO 2017” on international unit

· Producer of the documentary movie “Volya k Pobede” about the first Kazakh Olympic Champion- Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov (Kazakhfilm)

· Producer of a documentary movie “Podlinno Narodniy” about the Classic of Soviet (Kazakh) movie- Abdulla Karsakbayev (Kazakhfilm)

· Executive producer of the TV show “Spasatel” (RK)

· Executive producer of the feature film “Kacheli lyubvi” (RK) (Kazakhfilm)

· Executive producer of a movie “Borat’s repentance” (RK)

· Coordinator of movie “Who are you, Mr. Ka?” (Thailand, RK)

· Line producer of the movie “The Cave” (Ukraine, USA)

· Manager of the movie production “Make up the dead” (Canada, USA)

· Manager of a movie production “Fading” (Canada)

· Line producer of a movie “Love is the best medicine” (Canada, RFed)

· Administrator of a feature film “Takova zhizn” (Kazakhfilm)

· Director of documentary movies “Burlingazstroi”, “Intergazstroi” and “Matin” (Aksay)

· Translating manager, Canadian gas company “Hurricane” (Kzylorda)

· Translator of Advisor to the Finance Minister Daniel Lee, KPMG, USAID, Financial Reform Project

· Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics in T. Zhurgeyev Academy of Arts.

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