Kazipa Mukhametkali is the head of Committee on development of ethno-design and workmanship

The international organization “Expo&Women” is public provider on support of women and female initiatives in the field of innovations, ecology, “green” business and workmanship. During activity two Republican fair-exhibitions of “Great field exhibition” has been organized in which nearly 200 handicraftsmen of Kazakhstan took part.

For ensuring quality and increase in efficiency of this direction of our activity in organizational structure of organization the Committee on development of ethnodesign and workmanship was created and Kazipa Kalikyzy Mukhametkali was invited as a head of this committee.

This choice wasn’t casual at all. Since acquaintance to it and her company — house of beauty “Hazifa” — became the partner of our organization in holding several very important actions with participation of foreign guests within EXPO-2017. About it we wrote in our summer news. Then her unique products have subdued with skill and quality. Besides our choice is based on her high professional qualities in the field of ethno-design and workmanship, vision of prospects of development of this direction in Kazakhstan and its advances on international exhibitions and fairs.

Today we can say for sure that this is a new direction in ethno-desing!

On 8th of December, 2017 in partnership with PF “KazBrands” a program of branding of products of handicraftsmen’s of Kazakhstan started and in this process committee on development of ethno-design and workmanship will play a leading role as well as in preparation of renewed format of “Great field exhibition”.

In the nearest time we will announce the start of III Republic fair-exhibition “Great field exhibition”.

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