Kazakhstan Kids Fashion Show got invited to the EXPO 2015 in Milan

This summer, declared about itself, the first exclusive show Kazakhstan Kids Fashion Show and it became the spotlight of foreign attention. At the beginning organizers of the event that united 100 children from all over the country, 15 Kazakh fashion designers, dozens of make-up artists and stylists, as well as popular photographers and designers from Europe, famous models, Kazakhstan artists, journalists, sportsmen and public figures got invited to represent the project on the summer platform in China and Turkey. However, there was not enough time for preparation for the other projects, so the flight was delayed. But from the invitation to the EXPO in Milan, where 48 countries of the world opened their pavilions, organizer of the kids fashion show could not refuse.

35 children of the project started to prepare for the show in the main EXPO pavilion- Italy and it will take place on October 19 in Milan.

Interesting that this time the emphasis will be shifted from the runway to the show with active inclusion of dances and acting, in which they will show traditions and customs of Kazakh people. Also the participants can demonstrate their other talents on the international platform.

Special for the performance in Milan, two Kazakh designers, showrooms Iranni and Bibisara, introduce their kids’ collection and they are famous for the national motives, ethnic style of clothes that show the culture of presented nation.

Organizers of the show are the branding agency “Friends Media Group”, represented by famous journalists Makhabbat Yesen and Zhuldyz Seysenbekova. The show will take place within the International forum of business women “FUTURE ENERGY: WOMAN, BUSINESS AND GLOBAL ECONOMY”, organized by EXPO&WOMEN.

In Kazakhstan, kids fashion show is also continue its procession: children from Kazakhstan Kids Fashion Show took a part in shooting of Kazakhstan image video for the Patriot Forum, on which President takes a part as a tradition. This summer, young models got an experience by participating in adult runway within the exhibition and forum “Made in Kazakhstan”- QazBrands. Children presented Kazakhstan designer of kids clothes- Mimiorik. President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, personally chatted with models and wished them luck. Nowadays, many children continue their modeling studies, and also get their knowledge in Diplomacy school and Body workshop.

Let’s remind you that on June 13 in Astana, for the first time, exclusive fashion show Kazakhstan Kids Fashion Show 2015 was held, it was the first time where participated not only Kazakh designers and new names in Kazakhstan fashion world, but also foreign photographers, designers and models. Project had an aim to create unique fashion- format, which will contribute to the formation and education of individual personality- child personality.

Children fashion platform for a day tuned to thematic shows with acting and installation, participated 100 children from all over Kazakhstan. For preparation of the show were involved journalists, editors, photographers, including famous foreign fashion photographers like Vinchenzo Grillo from Italy and Zhuldyz Serikbayeva from Spain (born in Kazakhstan), staging

was directed by Askhat Noruzbayeva and choreographer and director was Damira Bal. Specially by invitation from organizers, for New York, Bibisara Sharipova visited for a few days.

Approximately 15 designers were gathered on one platform, starting from the youngest Aiym Aibatyr (12 years old) and Aigerim Kairat (17 years old) to the most famous names that for a long time amaze Kazakh people by their interesting and beautiful collections: collaboration from Kaidarova and Slt&Zm brands, showroom Iranni, Catreen Design, Asella, Bibisara, Karo Meli, Viva, Hey Baby, Samidel’, founder of the showroom LoGOvo and Dina Lee, special guest from Italy- Ekaterina Ivankova.

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