Irina Demidova: Work so that even “you know every bee in the face.”

Good day dear forum members! I brought you an unusual – sweet and delicious greetings from the National Union of beekeepers of Kazakhstan. But even more important, I must convey to you the fervent greeting from the First Prime Minister of Independent Kazakhstan Sergey Tereshchenko, the first women’s forum. Sergey Alexandrovich engaged in beekeeping, created the National Union and is ready to support everyone who is ready to seriously engage in this highly profitable business which has a high export potential. Our Kazakhstan honey is in demand all over the world today, as eco-friendly and unique in its taste. My great-grandfather, grandfather, father all beekeepers. But I didn’t follow in their footsteps, like many modern girls have got my certificate and started working in the office, where he soon realized that bored…. After searching for a vocation, there is an offer to go to Poland to study beekeeping, and probably the call of blood suggested that HERE it is! From Kazakhstan I was one of the first who received foreign experience of beekeeping and began to apply it in Kazakhstan. That allowed us to increase our production, and now many others.

I want to tell you about the useful side of my favourite occupation, I think it will be interesting to all. Of course the main product is HONEY, lovely, sweet and natural product! And imagine how doubly nice to eat honey from his apiary, which your own hands have created, every family with love has grown and “know every bee in the sight.” And even nicer to treat all the family useful product and get a nice grateful comments. Of course, this isn’t easy work, and even sometimes painful, because bees and sting can, but it’s all in favor of our body (only moderately), even there is a whole direction for the use of bee venom and bee products in the treatment of various diseases.

Do you know what Royal jelly is? It is produced only by young bees and, imagine, feed the Queen bee, which because of this lives 5-7 years, in comparison with the working bee century which is only 30 days! In general, the whole bee world is a fascinating science, which I love to do not only, but I also urge You! There are many possibilities for this. And I am happy to answer all your questions, I think there will be many. With the right approach to any business income will always be, but to have fun and health benefits isn’t possible in every field. Therefore, beekeeping is not only profitable, but useful!

Irina Demidova.

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