In Kazakhstan the republican competition among media in realization of SDG-2030 started

The start of holding a republican competition among media “SDG – 2030: a contribution of Kazakhstan to achievements of goals of sustainable development” on the nominations:

1) articles in the print media (newspapers, logs);

2) telecasts/program;

3) publications in blogs social networks, on the websites with the big level of viewings, including with video records (with a hashtag #sdgoals2030);

4) the transfer/program on radio.

Organizers of the Competition are ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and G-Global Development”, ULE “Association of the Ecological Organizations of Kazakhstan”, the Ministry of Energy of RK, the Ministry of national economy of RK, Coca-Cola company, Asian Development Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The purposes of holding the Competition – involvement of representatives of mass media (further — media) in publicizing of realization of goals of sustainable development (SDG-2030) and participation of wide circles of civil society in achievement by Kazakhstan of the tasks and indicators SDG-2030 connected with green economy.

In 2015 on the 70th anniversary United Nations General Assembly uniform for the first time all countries of the world and developed and developing accepted 17 Sustainable development goals till 2030 (SDG-2030) within the Agenda of development till 2030. This agenda includes 17 purposes, 169 tasks and 230 indicators.

By consideration of these indicators it turns out that 15 purposes from 17 have a direct bearing on “green” economy, that is almost all Agenda of development to 2030 is oriented to transition of mankind to “green” economy.

In 2017 the UN started the project on exchange and synthesis of experience of best practices of SDG, collecting recommendations. In 2018 in Kazakhstan 5 interdepartmental groups, with participation of the public for assistance of timely achievement of SDG-2030 by Kazakhstan were created.

Each of 5 groups is assigned to the certain minister: the “People” group — purposes No. 1-5, the Prosperity group — purposes No. 7-11 the Planet group – purpose No. 6.12-15, the World group — purpose No. 16, the Partnership group — purpose No. 17.

The coalition for green economy and development of G-Global” (further – the Coalition) is a member of several working groups and conducts the activity taking into account a contribution to achievement of IMC. The long-term project “Arnasay — the First Green Village of Kazakhstan” starting in 2015 directed in fact to creation of a demonstration zone of implementation of tasks of IMC for rural areas became the most complex project of the Coalition from this point of view.

The value of the project of the Coalition consists in identification of the most effective ways, standard solutions and the practician for achievement of SDG-2030 in rural areas through green economy and also ways of their promotion, distribution and replication.

It is offered to light also widely activity of the working groups and interrelation of SDG with the accepted purposes of the state industry and local programs for the short-term and long-term period.

The announced competition, is intended to increase activity and professionalism of media according to a broad spectrum of subjects SDG-2030.

The competition will help to find the best initiatives in Kazakhstan in the SDG-2030 sphere in connected from green economy areas. And also to organize extensive discussion of a subject in media, on television, radio, on social networks, with participation of state agencies and the public.

Journalists should look at activity of state agencies, local authorities, business, science and NGO, representations in Kazakhstan of the international organizations in terms of achievement of indicators of SDG.

And as achievement of SDG-2030 will help to improve image of Kazakhstan on the world scene, its various social and economic and innovative ratings will help to attract the international investments, to expand inflows of the tourists and businessmen wishing to cooperate with Kazakhstan.

On a competition the works which took place in radio and published in printed media during the period from January 1st to September 20, 2019 are accepted. Informing on the course of a competition will take place on the websites of Organizers (

Works are accepted:

on hand (010000, Astana, Temirkazyk Street 65 House of economy, office 117);

in electronic form are sent to the e-mail address with a mark “competition”;

online application for participation in the competition

In Jury of a competition representatives of the ministries, eminent public figures and experts are invited.

Finalists of a competition are awarded with diplomas and letters of thanks. Winners of the Competition are awarded with certificates of honor and monetary prizes. The awards ceremony will be held on November 7-8, 2019.

For accreditation:

Meruert Abdaliyeva

Ph.: 87784560999

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