How many women in the Kazakh government and politics

Party “Nur Otan” counted the number of women holding responsible positions in the politics and public administration. 

According to the Statistics Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country’s population of October 1, 2013 is 17 098 500 people, including 8 845 100 women (51,7%), men – 8 253 400 (48,3%). The number of the economically active population is – 8 981 900, which 4 417 300 (49,2%) are women.

The number of managers in the executive branch is increasing as well. Today, among the 17 ministerial posts, there are 3 positions held by women: Ministry of Health, Economic Integration, Labour and Social Welfare.

Moreover, among women politicians:

– One – Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Two – Deputy Heads of the Office of the Prime Minister of the the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– Six – Deputy Ministers

– Six – Executive Secretaries;

– Nine – Regional Deputy Mayors, which makes up to 12,2% from the total number (74) of the Regional Deputy Mayors of Astana and Almaty. Aktobe, Atyrau, Kyzylorda, Mangystau region, Astana and Almaty – are the regions where the Regional Deputy Mayors are women.

There is a positive shift in the judicial branch as well: 33.3% are women among the judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan and more than a half (51%) of women among the judges of the regional courts.

The strategic plans of the sectoral ministries and regional development programs show indications to achieve a 30% participation of women as the key decision-makers by 2016.

According to the Civil Service Agency of RK, out of 86 700 civil servants in the republic, 47 800 (55%) are women.

National Commission was established for the selection of the “A” division under the President. There were 2024 applicants submitted for the selection. As a result of tests and interviews, the Commission recommended 940 candidates to enroll in the personnel staff of the division “A”, among which 154 were women, accounting for 16.4% of the total reservists.

Currently, the proportion of women in the “Nur Otan” party is 60% (as of 01.01.2013 – 59%)

Since 2012 till now, the number of women in the Parliament Council is 26, i.e. 25.2%. In 2011, this figure was 15.9% (out of 107 deputies, 17 were women).

Thus, currently the Parliament Council of RK consists of 82 deputies – members of the “Nur Otan” party – 22 are women (27%). Therefore, as of today every fourth deputy in Lower Chamber of the Parliament is a woman. As part of the 4th convocation of 98 people, women accounted for 17% (17).

In the Senate of the Parliament out of 47 deputies, 3 are women or 6.4% out of the total. The number of women among the deputies of the 4th convocation was also 3 out of 47 people.

The local representative bodies are also increasing the number of  women deputies. On all levels of the Maslikhats the number of women deputies as party members is 634 or 19% out of the total number of deputies (3331 people). In 2012 this figure was 18% (624 out of 3304).

According to the structure of the “Nur Otan” party:

Political Council party – the highest representative body of the party, which consists of 100 members, 29 of them are women, or respectively 29%. This figure in 2012 was 11.5% (11 women out of the 96 members of the Political Council).

The governing body of the party is the Bureau of the Political Council which consists of 11 members, including 1 woman (9%). In 2012, the Political Council Bureau of the party were represented by 3 (20%) women out of 15 members.

The Central Auditing Commission is held responsible for the control of financial and economic activities of the party which consists of 16 members. There are 7 women or 43.8% in the Commission.

There are 25 members in the National Anti-Corruption Public Committee, 4 (16%) of them are women. In 2012, out of 20 members of the NACPC 3 people or 15% were women.

Executive body of the Party is the Central Office Party. Women of the management of the COP are – Head of the Central Office and Advisor to the First Deputy Chairman of the Party.

The Central Office Party consists of 16 departments, 6 of which are managed by women which is 37.5% (Department of Strategy

and Monitoring, Personnel Policy Department, Budget and Finance Department, The Press Service and Department of Information Technology of Software and Documentation Service).

Besides in 3 departments, women hold positions as Deputies (Budget and Finance, Department of Organization and Control Work, and the Secretariat).

In comparison to 2012, where there were 3 women – heads of departments and one Deputy Head.

Notably, a project “50 New Faces of the Party” which launched in March 2013 aimed at promoting the most respected and creative new-thinkers of the party. There are 21 women or 42% in the “50 New Faces of the Party”.

As part of the Public Council “Miras” on culture and art development under the “Nur Otan” party, out of the 25 members, 4 were women


Women take an active part in the National Coalition of Democratic Forces. Thus NCDF is composed of 23 members – 6 or 26% are women.

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