Gul’sara Zhamankulova engaged in business activities of men

I believe that today in front of You, native land, proud of Kostanay oblast, came to this high podium, became the greatest degree. Kostanay, the land of the vast steppe, grain fields of Kazakhstan, grain fields. I am one of many women entrepreneurs of our country, but I have mastered entrepreneurship, which is engaged only men. Currently, I am the head of the grain storage complex of more than 100 thousand tons per year.

This year, this complex was put into operation, a railway junction was built, a large-scale hangar for grain storage, cleaning and drying was built. Installed a new, modern stand to check the quality of grain supplied in a timely manner. Thanks to this entrepreneur created 22 jobs for residents of Zhitikara. In turn, as a Deputy of the zhitikarinsky district maslikhat, during meetings with voters I got acquainted with how the inhabitants of the country live. It has created all conditions for the development of human potential on the part of the state. Not only lazy, labour, you will see the rewards!  Everyone will have the roots of the mast, which will eat, eat. It is a place of birth, a place of growth, the future of the country. At the same time, I am ready to assist teenagers to Zhitikarinsky. My duty to the country is to help children in treatment, to get higher education of talented youth!

                 My native village, native land,

                 The child is wonderful — interesting, my the ground in the gym,

                 The battles in the sand, Akseleu — dream catch,

                 I want to say that in the future-this is the place where I will learn,

my childhood is a simple large family. To help me learn entrepreneurship are my support: my back-brothers, sisters, son-in help! My motherland!  The path to prosperity is always open. My future plans are an opportunity to develop my business, to intensify public work. I don’t limit my dream, so self-confidence, interest in the profession, the heights that will continue to conquer. I’m immensely grateful for the appreciation of my little work. Thank You for Your attention!

Gulsara Zhamankulova

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