Guldana Zhurkabayeva – a creative component of IO “Expo&Women”

Our team attractes more and more extraordinary and creative people!

The opportunity to apply the forces and abilities on implementation of the creative projects connected with art attracted Guldan Zhurkabayev in the activity of our organization.

We offer you, dear friends to get acquainted with her.

Zhurkabayeva Guldana Tursynovna is a young artist, a member of two professional associations – the Euroasian Union of Designers, the Union of Associations of Young artists of Astana.

The participant and the winner of the International, republican, regional, city exhibitions – the winner of “Shabyt” award  of Public fund of the Kostanay Club of Patrons in the Fine arts nomination (2009), participant of the International Creative Shabyt Festival (2011), International Tanysu Festival Competition (Italy 2016), International festival competition (The republic of San Marino, 2016) many others.

In 2017 Guldana was awarded with a medal of the Euroasian Union of Designers for creative differences in design art.

In her portfolio there is a number of personal exhibitions in the homeland Kostanay (2008-2009) and also in the Museum of the First President Astana (2009, 2017) and “A way to infinity” in the National academic library in Astana, in the Palace of Independence (2009), etc.

Guldana likes to work with children and youth – the certificate of carrying out Republican master-claasses in the fine arts “Astana – dream city ” at Children’s art school club “UNESCO”, a master class in arts and crafts within the International “Delphic movement”, (2012), participation in the Inclusive festival of children’s creativity “Wind of change” (OO “Republican Council of Women”) and also in the Charitable ART of HEART exhibition in support of children who suffer from cancer (the organizer: Amiram charity Foundation, director Marina Cheyshvili).

It is especially pleasant to us that Guldana was a participant of events held by our organization – the Republican exhibition sale “Fair of the great steppe” in 2016.

Being already a member of our Guldana organization she became one of initiators of carrying out the International ART-EVENT “Open Road” project that we  have carried out on March 17, 2018 with assistance of Embassy of People’s Republic of China. 15 artists and 12 masters, 6 fashion designers have been involved in our action.

We have many creative plans for holding interesting actions! Be with us!

PS: on one of the websites YAVIO we have found professional opinion the art critic Aygul Ibrayevoy about Guldan Zhurkabayeva “A way to ourselves”,

The kazakh artist Guldana Zhurkabayeva known to the creative world under the pseudonym “Alina” expresses her inner world in an art form that is inherent only to her.

Her works in nomadic style from natural material – a skin and leather, are filled with ancient symbols, sacral secrets and petroglyphs. Impregnated with a steppe smell of a wormwood they have interested the foreign experts and critics who have awarded her the first place at the International festival of arts in San Marino.

But those who aren’t familiar with the artist close may not know about her special vision of the around world. The diagnosis with which the master of pictures is living about a decade gives the chance to look in a new way at content of different things.

The internal temperament is always reflected in works of master. Guldana Zhurkabayeva’s pictures – bright, juicy, and all round mix of the paints are nothing but a reflection of the artist’s soul. Absolute harmony. But whether it was always so?

The task of art consists not in the most exact display of reality at all, and in display of the identity of the artist and his special view of the world, his imaginations, memoirs, aspirations and vision under a special point of view.

“Devote life to fine. Don’t devote to her disgusting. You have not a lot of time, it isn’t a lot of energy to spend it for nothing. Such small life, such small power source is simply silly to be spent on anger, grief, hatred, jealousy”. Guldana Zhurkabayeva.

Guldana doesn’t adhere to a certain style, and just follows the impulse, giving the energy and creating an alive surface on a cloth, in some of her works the vanguard direction is accurately traced in fact.

Where will spiritual search of the master lead? What will be farther: cubism, neoclassicism, surrealism, a modernist style, nobody knows, even the artist.

As well as many talented people Guldan isn’t afraid to test in different forms besides pictures, throughout life she is creating design accessories. In plans – to realize herrself in this direction.


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