Galiya Abitaeva: Woman is the source of life

I’m, Abitaeva Galiya Adilovna, a native of Shu district of Zhambyl region, an entrepreneur who, like everyone else, is a social activity, a woman of the village, which contributes to the prosperity and prosperity of our region. A woman is an inexhaustible force, able to overcome all difficulties, source of life, in our modern society, a woman is not only a person who thinks about the well-being of the family, she is the main character in all spheres of life, in political matters of the state, in business, as well as a member of society, taking an active part in these Affairs. The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that «The development of society can’t be imagined in life without women – gentle, fun and strong in business.». The woman – mother – is the provider of the good qualities of our nation: the language, the ethics, customs, traditions, grandchildren grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Our cheren legs, who are greatly spoken by stepwise languages, speak the same language, have common tradition, tradition of tradition – thanks to the preeminent mothers.

Founder Director of the limited liability partnership “Company “Mar-Nur”, which has a 14-year history in the area, as well as the Chairman of the Public Association “Real patriots”. I busily that in the short term am unemployed lessons to courses for obtaining a degree, certificate of completion of training courses employment. In addition, I am the chairman of the council of business women of Shu district of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Zhambyl region “Atameken”.


I would like to point out that one of the priorities of the Council of businesswomen is to help women in business and to target those who want to start a business through the women’s Rights support and protection centres, as well as other programmes that we provide full support from outside. The number of members of the Council of business women in the area is constantly growing. In this regard, I will work on solving these issues on the development of entrepreneurship. In order to implement the state program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021, since 2017 , a program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship has been implemented, which contributes to the development of the labor market through mass training, training in popular specialties and the basics of entrepreneurship, providing loans, facilitating employment and supporting labor mobility. We are working on the implementation and adaptation of the business Road map 2020 and employment road map 2020 programmes. Today, as an individual entrepreneur, I believe it is necessary to develop agriculture in rural areas. Taking into account the work carried out to implement the previous steps, I continue to carry out organizational and explanatory work on the ground. I teach the rural population the basics of business, drawing up business plans. For us, who take an active part in business and social work, the main task is to assist in improving the industries necessary for the population. For example, together with local Executive bodies, it is necessary to carry out propaganda work with the help of active groups on financing through micro-credit or concessional financing through KAZAGRO and use all new opportunities for the organization of sales-processing of agricultural products. For my part, I am always ready to work,making every effort to prosper eternal country!

Thank you for your attention!

Galiya Abitaeva. The founder director of LLP “Company” Mar-Nur

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