Fifteenth success story. Tleuken Kopbayeva, Mayor of the rural district “Art to be with the people” (Almaty region)

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Success stories… “and today our acquaintance will be with the akim of one of the major rural districts in Almaty region. We have already posted on our website the history of akims-women of rural districts and akims of districts, provided statistics in general for the Republic. And it is very encouraging that the number of women akims of rural districts and districts is not decreasing. This suggests that a gentle, caring, fragile wife, mother, snob, can still be a strict, determined, strong-willed, communicative boss, able leader. Make the right decisions, set before it district, regional, and sometimes government tasks, implement the strategic plan E. Own all social, agricultural, livestock and industrial issues I. Such issues, and even very successfully, can be solved by WOMAN-MAYOR, and be the best of all akims of all rural districts of the region A. Here, to your attention “Success Story” of such akim – Kopbayeva Tleuken Otynshievn.

There are 39,000 people in Bayserken District and 7 settlements in the District. Prior to that she worked as an akim in districts such as Chapaevsky, Energy Districts. In public service since 1998.

The political role of women in Kazakhstan is gaining momentum. This can be confirmed by the words of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who noted that women take an active part in the formation of the Republic and support its all years of independence.

Today I ask myself the question: how managed, having overcome fear and uncertainty, to solve the problems of a huge number of people who trusted me with their fates, listened to my best advice?

It probably helped that during school years she was actively engaged in social work, in particular, the committee of the school. The director of the school, having noted in me the clear leader and my influence on problematic children, offered in the 8 class to become the secretary of the Komomol organization of the school.

Having called to the office, in a visual way advised: “Imagine that in front of you there is a suitcase – put in it all bad, close and do not open again!” That ‘s what I did. All energy was directed in the right direction: before lunch studied, and after – was engaged in public work in the committee of the Komomol. None of the hard students dared ignore the meetings. I had to find common ground with all the fools. After completing the university, she started work at the school, as a physics and mathematics teacher. Along with teaching activities, duties of the head of educational work, the teaching staff entrusted the chairmanship of the trade union committee of the school. It was necessary to resolve complex conflicts, mentor parents and remember, as the father taught, that one wrong step could break someone ‘s fate.

Then offered a position of the deputy mayor of the Chapayevsk rural district of Iliysky district where worked 5 years, further the akim of this district. Agreed – and did not regret as loved real-life communication with the population: vigorous activity both in student’s years and in trade-union committee of school affected. Knew the contingent, a core expectations of local population. Difficult there was time! Reorganization of some lowered “on a life bottom”, others – taught to concentrate forces, not to be given for the sake of the future of the children. Together with district police officers who were not enough it was necessary to restore bums to life, to disperse brothels of addicts and religious sects, to return into place the stolen batteries and hatches …

Cases when state officials managed to settle the international and family conflicts without bringing business to court were remembered. Especially the careless mummies who conceived a liking for alcohol were engraved in the memory and gentle babble of their tiny defenders – the children explaining an inadequate status of mother with a phrase “Mother just sleeps …”

Later, holding different positions, overcoming life failures, recalled the good eyes of parents and their order: nothing in life is given without difficulty and respect to ordinary workers who make a modest contribution to the fate of the country.

Nikolai Logutov (Governor of the district of 1998-2012) taught me to be loyal: somewhere to smile and forgive, and sometimes – to knock a fist on a table! ” Now the late Alik Kasymovich Dospanov – the head of the district of Ili district – advised: “If you cannot help, you can tactically refuse. It ‘s an art to communicate with the people! “

As the Governor of the district, it was necessary to respond to letters, draw up competent reports, understand notarial and tax cases. And the most important thing is to be a psychologist, to find common ground with people! When offered a job as akim of the Energy District, I thought… It was not easy to lead the 25,000-strong population of one of the major industrial districts ! But I was supported by respected people of the district – at that time deputy akim of the district Yerbolat Saparovich Turumbetov, Victor Alexandrovitch Feil, the late A.B.Nurgozhayev, head of staff of akim Amirbayev Zamzagul Nurmukhambetova and others Especially I was surprised and pleased by the visit of Zamanbek Battalkhanov who at the meeting gave a bath – the instruction: “Came as aksakal to the child It will be hard for you, but God sends you a test that must be justified by faithful service to the people. ” “Though, – I confess – asked the Governor of the district to return to the former position,” but Logutov visibly reasoned: “Manage ! I believe you have enough strength and energy, life experience is You grew up from the akim of Chapaev rural district, you can lead a larger settlement!

As the akim, endured different peripetias of destiny – joyful and tragic. All heart was with the akshiyets and kyzylagashets who taught to be in such cases a rack in the most difficult psychological situations got into trouble at floods … My motto: “Always there is an exit from any emergency! It is necessary to believe in himself, to bring benefit to the state and as the father learned, all life to study!”

All life to study! Despite a long standing of work, I continued to study at the former akims of the Region of Abduldayev Berdaulet Eshenovich, Medeuov Kydyrkeldy Umirzhanovich and the acting akim of the area Karasayev Bagdat Abilmazhinovicha.

Once the father shamed: “You work with the people, it is very responsible, the diploma of the physicist, maybe, sometime and it is useful, but knowledge of laws is necessary for you, surely!”

Fulfilling her father ‘s will, in 2002 she received a law degree, to date legal knowledge has indeed been useful.

In 2012-2016 she worked as the head of the maslikhat staff, but there was a lack of live communication with a huge number of people. And when again offered to go work akim of one of the big district in the area, accepted this offer without thinking.

The art of living with the people was probably passed on from parents who raised 9 children.

After work, I change my team voice to a gentle lullaby, as I raise three grandchildren from adult children who live and work in Nur Sultan.

Concluding your speech, I want to say to all the women in this Hall: If you do something well, try to do even better.

Be brave, declare yourself as a female leader And raise your hand high for other women to see YOU

Material prepared by Jacupova Gulyai

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