Female leaders are ready for global challenges!

It was confirmed by the event held by MO “Expo&Women” within ХІ the Astana Economic Forum GLOBAL CHALLENGES SUMMIT. A round table “Rights instead of privileges. How women’s leadership can affect the modern world” has attracted interests of not only fine half of mankind, but also of many men – participants of AEF-18. The hall intended for 150 people has been filled so that there was literally no free place.

We are sure that all people were attracted not only by Ksenia Sobchak, but also all star list of speakers! We express gratitude to the National commission on women affairs and family population policy at the President of Kazakhstan and personally to its Chairman — the State secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Naushayevna Abdykalikova! Her performance have submitted the deep analysis of a state to gender policy in the world and Kazakhstan and the answer to a question of opportunities of women and that we have to be ready to new challenges! She has very attentively listened to all speakers, has communicated to them!

Madina Abylkasymova, the 38-year-old Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the population of RK on brilliant English has presented figures and facts about economic opportunities of women in Kazakhstan.

Our official partner – the representative of Structure of “UN Women” Ileyn Konkiyevich has told about global trends in the field of women’s leadership in the world! And it is pleasant to realize that our republic performs right operations to seek to upgrade the rating according to the Index of gender inequality (The Gender Inequality Index).

Ksenia Sobchak’s performance on the Round table was very bright, she has the accurate position about gender equality and feminism as a necessary component in support of women’s leadership. She represents for us new and interesting role model of women’s political leadership to all women’s (and not only) communities. By the way, Ksenia Anatolyevna has told that she is very interested in the activity of our organization and she is ready to support us!

Such position was supported by Nicolas Brousso – the Ambassador of Canada in Kazakhstan which has submitted the magnificent report in Russian and has told that in this question the large role is played by men who have to be feminists in that sense of a word too to bring up both girls and boys have a concept about the equal rights. Among Ambassadors of Canada in other countries – 50% of the woman, in the Cabinet – a half a women!

Today bright example of support of women at the level of decision-making are United Arab Emirates. And our speaker – madam Najla Mohammed Alkaabi has told us about state programs in support of women and youth. So, in the Cabinet of the UAE among 29 people nine are women, at the same time average age of members of the cabinet — 38 years. It displays the aspiration to transfer of country government to younger generation which will be able to conduct the country on the inclusive, innovative and eco-friendly way of development.

For our youth – it is a bright enthusiastic example!

The methodologist in the field of organizational psychology, the author of a number of textbooks, including on women’s leadership, Jennifer Martino has told about how it is possible to change a situation in collectives, what are mechanisms of advance of women to senior positions.

Barbara Rambousek, the executive director on a gender and economic integration of the EBRD, has opened a subject of development of economic potential of women, about influence of women on GDP and economy of the countries, development of women’s business in the world.

Inspiring speech of the astronaut Andriana Marays that all of us are people – and men and women – have to be worthy people, first of all! And the most important condition of the person – to be able to dream, to dream about unattainable and only then our aspirations will be reached! And she believes that her dream of flight to Mars will surely be fulfilled because many have this aspiration to learn the ultraboundary world – and it is only a part of it!

Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova in her very short performance has called women for wisdom, for environmental friendliness and education, and, the most important, for combination of our efforts because it will become the answer to global challenges of time.

Our moderator Aliya Zholboldina has very competently and softly carried out all Round table, asking correct questions and thanking all speakers for performances. Her good experience to the USA, free knowledge of English, corresponded to the international level of AEF! She has asked Yerzhan Ashikbayev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of RK, to sum up the action results according to our national traditions. The speaker has answered a question of how after all Kazakhstan men have to support women’s leadership and whether our society is ready to overcome the gender stereotypes keeping including on our traditional cultural values.

The fact that our action became one of the centers of gravity in the second day of AEF does us credit! We thank those who asked questions to our speakers and all participants who were with us this day!

Be with us! We have many upcoming events!

We invite to become members of our magnificent team! On our website in “menu” there is a column “enter” — read and make a decision!

Author: Lyazyat Askarova


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