Enforcement of the Law “On Combating Domestic Violence” – from prevention to toughening of punishment








It is under this name that the next seminar will be held within the framework of the project “Involvement of civil society institutions in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan,” implemented with the grant support of the Civil Initiatives Support Center of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of Kazakhstan, we are holding the next seminar on the topic “Kazakhstan towards the implementation of SDGs 16.1 Significantly reduce the prevalence of all forms of violence and reduce mortality from this phenomenon worldwide”

This time, representatives of state bodies represented by secretaries of commissions on women’s affairs and family and demographic policy at akims of regions, law enforcement agencies, juvenile police, law schools, as well as participants of our previous seminars were also invited to the seminar.

Interest in this topic is confirmed by a large number of participants. August 12 at a seminar on “Can domestic violence be prevented? What is the role of the family, education, law enforcement? “there were 190 participants.

One of the objectives of the project: according to the content of Goal 16, the level of legal culture and legal awareness of citizens will increase, the desire to overcome zero tolerance for cases of non-compliance with laws and manifestations of corruption, to continue work on the effective application of legal norms aimed at ensuring the security of citizens and strengthening unitary and secular society in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Project implementation should result in developed recommendations for implementation of SDG 16 in Kazakhsta

The main objective of the project is to organize online seminars with the participation of representatives of civil society, experts and interested government bodies on the implementation of the 16th UN SDG “Peace, Justice and Sustainable Institutions” to achieve the following goals of SDG 16:

On August 19, 16: 00-18: 30, an online seminar will be held on the topic “Enforcement of the Law” On Combating Domestic Violence “- from prevention to toughening of punishment”.

Moderator: Rakhim Oshakbaev, Director of the TALAP Center for Applied Research, has experience in entrepreneurship, public service, journalist, leads the author’s TV program “Round Table” on Khabar.24.

• Saltanat Parkhatovna Tursynbekova, has extensive experience in the civil service, currently a human rights activist, one of the developers of the new law “On countering domestic violence,” a member of the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of Kazakhstan.
• Gendos Kaltayev, ex-head of the Family Support Center (Shymkent)
• Dina Smailova/Tansari – initiator of the Movement # NeMolchi.kz6 well-known human rights defender, member of the NGO Working Group to discuss the Law
• Aliya Baizdrakhmanova, Ph.D., specialist in psychology of violence. Crisis psychologist, victimologist

• Alina Masaleva, correspondent of the regional public-political newspaper “South Kazakhstan,” initiator of the project “Do not pass by”
• Yerzhan Myrzabayev, psychologist in the field of family and child psychology, moderator of three seminars within our project.
• Lyazyat Askarova, Project Manager, Chairman of the Management Board of the International Organization Expo & Women

Such strong speakers are expected at a seminar led by one of the most famous moderators in Kazakhstan. As part of the online seminar, a very important conversation will take place on one of the most pressing problems of today.

To participate in the seminar, you need to undergo online registration, which will be available tomorrow August 19 from 14:00.

But if you, dear readers, want to receive a certificate of participation indicating the volume of 16 training hours, you need to fulfill the following conditions: 1) pass two types of questionnaires and take part in at least three seminars.

Input questionnaire for the following links:

in Russian


in Kazakh


Expert questionnaire after the third seminar – it takes about 20 to 30 minutes and requires immersion in the themes of the Sustainable Development Goals, and especially the SDGs 16 “Peace, justice and sustainable institutions.”

Waiting for you! Be with us!

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