Awardees of the nomination «Story of my success»

The First Forum of rural women of Kazakhstan “Contribution of women of Kazakhstan to sustainable development of rural areas”, held on November 7-8, 2018, became a serious resonant event and contributed to the strengthening of social, public and entrepreneurial activity and motivation of women, and will contribute to the implementation of a special project «Village-cradle of the country». According to the Concept of the Forum, one of the main events was honoring the delegates of the forum, among which the nomination “My success story”, to which each region presented its delegate, stood out. They were 14 best women from all regions of Kazakhstan. Information about each of them was posted on the website. 14 winners of the nomination “Story of my success” these days became the real heroines of the Forum. Each of them is unique in its professionalism, commitment to innovative ideas and attitude to the people around them. Their success stories have become and can be an inspiring example for many of us. It is dedicated to them our new section on the site.

1. Akhmetsalimkyzy Aelita- «The best leader of farm»

2. Alekseeva Nadezhda Grigor’evna- «The best leader of social facility»

3. Abitaeva Galia Adilovna- «The best leader of family business»

4. Aupova Samal Nazhmidenovna-«The best leader of district CSC»

5. Voroncova Aleksandra Sergeevna-«The best leader of educational organization»

6. Demidova Irina Valer’evna-«The best leader of family bisuness in AIB»

7. Zhamankulova Gulsara Myrzabekkyzy-«Green» leader in AIB»

8. Zhanalieva Ulmeken Shanaykyzy-« The best leader of rural NGO»

9. Zhainbaeva Nursaule Aisagalievna- «Green» leader in AIB»

10. Mauteeva Svetlana Burkhanovna-«Green» leader in AIB»»

11. Miluk Tat’yana Kazimirovna-«The best mayor of rural district»

12. Sagyngalieva Saya Bazaralykyzy- «The best youthful leader »

13. Taishekenova Ryskul Lekerkyzy- «The best leader of social facility»

14. Tel’pekbaeva Zhanna Tleybekovna- «The best leader of educational organization».

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