Assel Ayapova is a Goodwill ambassador Expo&Women on science and innovations

On June 26, 2019 Assel Ayapova addressed authoritative audiences of experts and managers

energy company and public authorities of the district of Washington. Asel shared this event and here that she says: This action devoted on exchange of views and experiment on the most actual subjects in power. As you can see, audience mature, and I am as always the rare representative of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Not to get used any more, one girl the Asian among gray-haired Americans who teaches them how to increase efficiency power – assets by means of new technologies:). In general I am very glad that it appeared in due time and in the right place, I develop with great strides, by means of present the work could get acquainted with many experts of the industry and declare oneself too. There is the Kazakh proverb “Kore kore kosem bolasyn, soilsei soilei shshen bolasyn!”. It’s about me! Addressing often different audiences tempered oratorical skill to automatism. I practice this very important skill what it is necessary to be on friendly terms very long with… I suspect even on pensions to address students at the universities…

Here such Assel Ayapova – a worthy example for imitation the younger generation and pride of our republic – Kazakhstan! She in practice proves to us that women can achieve high achievements in technical science and in such traditionally men’s industry as power, robotics! And it is also one of the principles of gender policy and I will add, this 4th “Quality education” and 5 “Gender equality” of the Sustainable development goal-2030.

Good luck to you, Asel, inspiration and good health!

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