Lyazat Askarova – Executive Direcor

Askarova Lyazyat

On April 03, 2017 Askarova Lyazat Kazhitayevna has been appointed by the order of the Chairman of Presidium Rakhimbekova Saltanat Temirkulovna on a post of the executive director of the International Organization “EXPO&WOMEN”.

Askarova Lyazat Kazhitayevna has a 25-years experience in educational field, 8-yearsexperience in NGO, 10-years of expert experience. Lyazat Kazhitaenva lives with life credo: “Believe in yourself and trust the world. Risks and changes are peculiar to strong personalities”.

I believe that Kazakhstan has its own mission – to become сentre of peacemaking, intellect and strong business! I believe that every person has his mission with which he comes to this world. I want to help people realize it and to achieve it. And I am immensely happy that I can do it with our team. All my life – as far as I remember – is to make the world around a better place. I am a daughter of the regular officer and remarkable teacher based on life of whose I measure the efficiency of my activity.

Result of the 25 years pedagogical experience and 7 years in the civil sector – a rank “Teacher of the Year — 1999” of the Pavlodar region, “The excellent student of education of RK” and “The anniversary medal “20 years of Independence”, the winner of a republican competition among NGO in the “Woman Can Do Everything” nomination.

Inherently I am an innovator, to it confirmation: thousands of grateful pupils with whom we read Abay Kunanbayev and Shakarim admired Magzhan Zhumabayev and Olzhas Suleymenov, scientific works of my pupils — winners of the republican and international scientific contests.

In the sector of NGO there are my authoring and partner projects “Image of the Woman and Family in a National Pattern of the World”, “Read Abay in Three Languages”, “Salem, business!”, “Idea on one million”, “A gender begins with me”, the ideas of a horizontal leadership through trainer’s operation in Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) constructed on national values and the modern business ideas intellectual and retrieval quests “Twelve” and ” Arhitectonics of quality management ” and many other things.

“And there is a little lyrics … I associate  my “musical image” with a note of “Lya” which is setup of remaining strings in unison, i.e. is the standard of frequency of music of the Universe. Probably, it is not accidental that my name also begins with these letters” — Lyazyat Askarova, the Executive director of IO “EXPO&WOMEN”.

I am grateful to God for meeting Saltanat Temirkulovna Rahimbekova and ULE “EXPO&Women”, and I believe that I will make a contribution in the work of IO “EXPO&Women”.


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