About us

The association of legal entities «EXPO&WOMEN» International Organization, which was established at the initiative of public organizations of the country and their foreign partners, and with the support of the National Committee on Women’s Affairs, Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has begun the work in June of 2015.

The «EXPO&WOMEN» International Organization, which was started in June of 2015, today unites active and not indifferent women in the country from different spheres of activity, which includes representatives of business, politics, industrial sector, public figures and journalists.

Mission of the «EXPO&WOMЕN» organization is the involvement of women of our country and women of the world into the Expo movement, and active participation in the activities of the annual exhibitions of the «EXPO», as well as development of cooperation and interaction on implementation of the initiative of our country – “Green Bridge” Partnership Program approved by all world countries at the World Conference of the United Nations organization on Sustainable Development in 2012 (Rio+20, in Rio de Janeiro) and included in the Vega outcome document – “The future we want”.

Tasks of the «EXPO&WOMEN» – provide dialogue and cooperation between state authorities, institutions of development of the country, business community and women’s organizations. Assistance in implementation of the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of established state, maximum involvement of women into all infrastructure projects within the frame of implementation of the New Economic Policy – “Nurly Zhol” and “EXPO-2017”, as well as increasing of level of employment of women.

The organizational structure of the «EXPO&WOMЕN» is represented as follows: Presidium; Board of Trustees; Committees (social partnership, international cooperation, PR and marketing, organization of mass cultural events, new technologies, tourism, industry and investment) and Management Board.

The following deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan gives their agreement to enter into the Board of Trustees of the «EXPO&WOMЕN» – Sagadibekovna Aigul Solovyova; Arapovna Maira Aisina; Aytkazhievna Meruert Kazbekova. At the present time, the composition of the Board of Trustees is at the stage of formation.

Temirkulovna Saltanat Rakhimbekova, Doctor of Economic Sciences and prominent public figure, is elected as the Chairman of the Presidium of the «EXPO&WOMЕN». The Presidium includes the Chairmen of the seven Committees:

  1. Khanum Aydash (Culture Committee)
  2. Nikolayevna Tatyana Nemtsan (Committee of innovations and new technologies),
  3. Maira Karsakbayeva (Committee on International Cooperation),
  4. Makhabbat Isenova (Committee of PR and Marketing),
  5. Zhuldyz Seysenbekova (Committee of cultural and organizational and mass events),
  6. Gauhar Zhenisbek (Chairman of the Board, Committee of services and tourism),
  7. Alia Rakhimbekova (Deputy Chairman).

Chairman of the Board of «EXPO &WOMEN »assigned Gaukhar Zhenisbek, Head of the Committee for the service and tourism in international organization «EXPO& WOMEN», President of the National Association of Tourism Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, General Director of travel company “Nomad”.

Currently, EXPO&WOMЕN has started to implement the several social-oriented projects, including: national competition for manufacturers “Halyk Markasy – 2015”; handicraft “EXPO-Sheber”; Training seminars for women on “green” economy in the People’s Academy of green technology, opening of which is planned on September 4, 2015 – in Akmola oblast, Arshaly district, Arnasai village.

On August 5, 2015 – «EXPO&WOMЕN» has received an invitation from the organizers of the “Milan-Expo-2015” to participate in events of the Exhibition, and jointly organize the international women’s conference at the site of Expo 2015 in Milan – on October 19 of the same year.

For reference:

«Green economy» is defined as the economy that improves the welfare of people and provides social justice and also significantly reduces the risks to the environment and its degradation.

Important features of this economy are as follows: effective use of natural resources; keeping and increase of the natural capital; reduction of pollution; low carbon emissions; prevention of loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity; growth of incomes and employment.

«Green economy» is considered in the context of the fight against global climate change and radical improve of energy efficiency.

It is proposed to mobilize and rebuild the global economy in the direction of increasing of the investments in clean technologies and “natural” infrastructure, stimulate ecologization of the economy, avoid the catastrophic consequences of global climate change.

The implementation of “green” course assumes minimization of use of non-renewable mineral resources for energy production through investments in renewable energy sources, as well as necessity of energy saving. All these measures will allow are enough to reduce demand and expenses for energy, as well as its cost. According to the UNEP – the 2% out of world GDP into the “greening” of 10 sectors of the economy to change the character of global development, startup the mechanisms of decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions and efficient use of resources.

“Green Bridge” Partnership Program was proposed at the Assembly of the UN organization by the Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the RK, in New-York, in 2011; further this initiative was announced in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and supported by the international community. This initiative was included in the outcome document – “The future we want”,

Purpose of the program – combine the efforts of the countries of Europe, Asia and the Pacific Ocean, international organizations, public and business sectors for transition to “green economy” through transfer of knowledge, innovation and technology. Program plans to cover 95 countries, almost 2/3 of the world’s population and over 90% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, the “Green Bridge” is dedicated to the development of “green economy” through business and innovation, through projects of global significance, which will be distributed worldwide. Main driving force will be the union of the public and businesses at all levels – from

environmental oil-processing companies, innovators and inventors, politicians and green celebrities, parliamentarians and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Therefore, the “Green Bridge” may maximally use sites of existing international exhibitions and competitions for the selection and branding of priority “green” innovations, and especially for the Expo 2017 and Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Exhibition of the Expo. Expo – is a new institution of global cooperation, competition, social activities and global trade, cultural, educational, environmental actions, online contests, quizzes, shows, celebrity appearances for charity, etc.

Exhibitions held under the auspices of the International Bureau of Exhibitions becoming the new democratic global institution of consolidation of efforts of the entire world community on identification, unification and distribution of advanced achievements of mankind, institute of “democratization” of innovation.

Identification of the leaders of the most valuable for progress of the planet of new technologies, discoveries, inventors, laboratories, companies, oil-processing organizations, media, individual activists, as well as regions-locomotives of separate technical and social innovations, shall be considered as one of the results of exhibitions of the Expo.

“It is important to turn the «EXPO-2017» into the center of the transition to the third industrial revolution, which includes the alternative economy, the creation of appropriate high-tech materials, sources of renewable energy, training of staff and other issues”, N.A. Nazarbayev, 16.01.2013.

Subject of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 – “Energy of the Future” – affects two major problems – access to clean energy and climate stabilization. This is a new chance for mankind to unite their efforts for scientific, technical and industrial cooperation, to involve global civil society in the process of demonopolization of innovation.

Expo-2017 has a significant ideological part in the development of “green” technologies. Thanks to Expo 2017, Kazakhstan shall become a bridge for the transfer of technology between Europe and Asia. We shall create an international register of “green” technologies. Some of them shall be tested, piloted and shown at Expo-2017. And further, whole experience and technologies of the register shall be transferred to countries in need. Study and adopt the most advanced technologies from developed countries; create and invent by ourselves, transfer it to developing countries – an important task for our country. Located between two continents – only we have a unique opportunity to be in the center of world technological development. And thanks to holding Expo-2017, Kazakhstan could become a brain center of a new economic order based on the principles of “green” economy.