A sample of a successful rural school, the Director is Alexandra Vorontsova, a delegate of the Forum

Middle school Toksan bi was established in 1954.

In the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we renamed the school in honor of our great countryman. This is a tribute to the outstanding Kazakh Biy Texano Gabiola. Near the village is a tomb of Toxin bi. Teachers of the school and students are constantly working to preserve the memory of Toxan bi.

At the present stage of development of education in Kazakhstan, quality education can be obtained in a small rural school due to the material and technical support. The use of information and communication technologies in the educational process brings a small school to a new level and helps it to become competitive. The school has a multimedia room, modern rooms of physics, chemistry, biology, one computer for 3 students. The school is actively using the educational platform «BilimLand», «iTest», «iMekteп», from September 1, 2017 the school moved to an electronic journal. The quality of education cannot be higher than the quality of the teachers working in it. Since 2012, the share of teachers with the highest category has increased 10 times from 4.3% to 43% in 2015. The qualitative composition of the teaching staff of the total number of teachers is 55% of teachers with the highest and first category. 95% of teachers with higher education. Constantly school teachers improve their skills in refresher courses. In 2016, 15 teachers took courses – 68% of the total, in 2017 – 14 teachers, which is 67%.

More than half of the teachers are school graduates. On September 1, 2018, two young specialists began teaching at the school. The quality of students’ knowledge has a positive trend in the 2016-2017 academic year – 63%, in the 2017-2018 academic year – 65.5%, which corresponds to the indicator of the State program for the development of education and science. The quality of education the school can compete with urban schools. In 2018, according to the results of the external assessment of educational achievements, which was held in 99 schools of the region, with the participation of four thousand seven hundred and seventy students, the best average score in the region in the 4th grade at Toxan bi high school. In the 9th grade we have the second result in the region– 54.2 points and the first place in the region in the 11th grade – 68.6 points. Graduates of Toxan bi high school show stable results when passing the unified national test. Graduates of Toxan bi high school show stable results when passing the unified national test. The average score of the school is annually higher than the district and regional indicators. The maximum score of graduates — 120, minimum – 65 points for ten years. Toxan bi high school was ranked four times first in the ranking of schools in the district, twice second, third place. Education is a continuous process not only of education, but also of upbringing.

Kazakhstan patriotism is a priority in the educational work of the school. Within 15 years, 100% of graduates of the 11th grade chose Kazakhstan education and work for the benefit of our country. Paramount believe that the establishment of the school of the one spirit of teamwork and creativity. Students of the school have the opportunity to realize their abilities in all directions, actively participate and win prizes in international competitions and Olympiads organized jointly with the Republican scientific and practical center “Daryn”. In 2015, students of the school were invited to the award ceremony on the results of the Republican contest “My first President” in Astana to the national Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the Republican Darts competition in Almaty in 2014, the 10th grade student Kirill Zharkykh was awarded three gold medals. Since 2015, two students of the school, successfully passing the exams, after the 8th grade are trained in Nazarbayev intellectual school of chemical and biological direction in Petropavlovsk. This year, a graduate of the school scored in chemistry at the UNT 39 points out of 40 possible and received a grant to the North Kazakhstan state University. Beisenov Nurzhan graduated from the military engineering Institute of radio electronics and communications in Almaty. Currently serves in the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan Podvitelsky Nikolai served in the company of the guard of Honor of the National guard of the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, remained in the army under contract in the service of the President. After our rural school Kusainov Nurlan graduated from the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, works as an artist in the state Philharmonic in Astana. Secondary school Toxan bi in 2015 took 1st place in the regional review competition among educational institutions for the organization of work on the prevention of juvenile delinquency “Preventive Olympus”. In 2015, the school was awarded a certificate of Akim of the district in the category “Intelligence” for high results in the educational process. In 2016, Toxan bi high school was awarded a certificate in the amount of 1 000 000 tenge for the second place in the ranking among small schools.

In 2018, we took part in the district stage of the contest “the Best organization of secondary education”, in which we took 1st place. Participation in the regional competition allowed us to win a Grant of 22 million 627 thousand tenge. At the August regional conference the Governor of the region, Kumar Irgibaevich Aksakalov gave a certificate for that amount to the school Director.

More information about the school can be found here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022819260575.

(From the speech of the Director of KSU “Toxan bi secondary school” of Musrepov district of North Kazakhstan region Vorontsova A. S.).

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