Experts advise: how to protect children from online bullying?

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The huge consumption of media content, the increase in gadgets and the inaction of parents will continue to lead to an increase in the progression of Internet harassment.
How to prevent this? First of all, filter the photo stream. Stop posting images of your children on social networks. This opinion was voiced at an expert briefing in the Central Communications Service by Lyazat Askarova, Chairman of the Board of Expo & Women International Organization. In particular, an activist against “funny” and “stupid” moments.

“You children are dying, and someone can use it. Save in your archive and after many years turn this photo or situation into an instrument of harassment. We still need to develop a questionnaire for parents. After all, many do not even know how to talk to a child, what questions to ask, we are afraid that the child will answer “not your business.” It is important for us to understand this situation ourselves. We need psychological help and support from each other, “said the social activist.

Existing technologies can be used, suggested Evgeny Pitolin, managing director of Kaspersky Lab in Central Asia, the CIS and Baltic countries. But it is even better to direct efforts to promote priceless partnerships between children and parents.

“There are special programs that allow you to control what is happening, limit somewhere, or measure viewing time. But the network should not be used as a control technology, but good propaganda. The state should launch an online and offline propaganda program that children are the most important value and they cannot be allowed into the digital space alone. Parents should become an online partner, companion and authority. This propaganda campaign, it seems to me, is the only correct technology, and everything else that exists and will be developed is only additional tools that can be relied on, “the expert concluded.


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