Zauresh Alimbetova – Leader of SDG 14 “Conservation of marine ecosystems”: one day from life on Aral

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Alimbetova Zauresh Zhansultanovna – director of Barsakelmes reserve of Aral region, Kyzylorda region, delegate of the Second Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, Leader of SDG-2030 among rural women. In 2019, we have been looking for a worthy candidate for the status of Leader of SDG 14 “Conservation of marine ecosystems,” since there are only two seas in Kazakhstan, and one of them is in the ecological disaster zone.

Zauresh Zhansultanovna is the only woman among the directors of Kazakh reserves, while the most environmentally complex. Just yesterday, she shared her information on the implementation of the project “Garden in the Sands of the Aral Sea in the photo performed as part of the program” Roots of Grass “of the Embassy of Japan. Our Leader works literally miracles in the reserve!


The photographs show how fruit shrubs fenced with local tree species are planted in an abandoned sandpit. The project began in 2019. Drip irrigation technology was applied and a solar and wind generator for lighting the garden was installed.

We install a photo trap, because of the wind it is poorly heard (video). And photo traps were received from ASBK (Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan) and installed on the territory of the reserve. It became convenient, it became possible to follow animals.

All our animals lit up on the photo trap: kulans, jairans, wild boars, hares, a wolf and even a velvet cat. “


Goal 14, “Conservation and management of oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development,” shared with us its information on the incredible work being done in the sands of the Aral Sea.

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