Youth project ” My green Kazakhstan»

Another message in the section “Green economy: reboot”. We want to share how our young people relate to this topic. I don’t think they need to reboot. They are ready to do it today.

During 2017, within the framework of the related grant of UNDP and the government of Kazakhstan “support to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the implementation of the Concept on transition to green economy and institutionalization of the partnership Program” “Public chamber of energy efficiency and resource saving of Kazakhstan”, a wonderful competition among young people was held — “My green Kazakhstan”video contest.

In the summer, in order to attract young people to the children’s and youth camp EXPO-Camp we also announced on-line competition for those wishing to participate in the activities of the camp. In addition to filling out the questionnaire, young people had to answer the question: “Why do you think that You deserve to become members of the camp EXPO-Camp?”.Then we come to the questionnaires, over 3,000 people! Almost three thousand young people from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries took part in this process, 350 of them passed to the second stage of selection. Then we decided among them to announce a competition for the creation of videos, the condition of which was that the participants filmed a 60-second video about the introduced “green” technologies. We were pleasantly surprised that the videos were sent not only by Kazakhstan, but also by young people from two cities of Russia, 17 people from four cities of Kyrgyzstan and one from Tajikistan, as a result, we received 156 videos. Among them there was also a competition, 60 works were held in the final, 16 of which were winners. These videos we offer you to look at this link: and to be happy that our young people have an active position in this matter, they are interested in this topic and they are ready to move in the direction of the “green” economy . But most importantly, we were able to invite all the authors of the videos to our summer camp EXPO-Camp for a whole week and held a youth forum “My green Kazakhstan”there. As it was, you can find out on a special website dedicated to young people the biggest gift for the forum participants was communication with the Nobel prize Winner RAE Kwong Chung! These are great opportunities for young people involved in our projects.

We try to keep in touch with the most active participants of our projects and post here their success stories and many other things.

We include these videos during the “green” lessons at school, more than once presented at conferences and round tables. They are always of keen interest. We hope that you will get this intellectual pleasure!

Currently, we are looking for resources to conduct such competitions this year. Maybe among the readers there are sponsors for such a project!

So stay tuned! And be with us!

Author: Lyazat Askarova

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