Aliya Absemetova: SDU is my guide star. Address to Kazakhstan citizens

Aliya Absemetova – our Leader of the SDG

16 “Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions”! It is a very multilateral personality and we have written about it more than once. The theme of the SDG, she said, has become a guiding star for her, and she as a journalist and media volunteer, as a mother and leader of public opinion in her area – increasingly becoming a carrier of ideas and values of ideology SDG-2030

This publication is dedicated to her speech at the Rural Women ‘s Forum on 7-8 November 2019. Read! Charge our ideas and be with us! We together can really influence the best transformation of our world, as the UN calls us.

Appeal to Kazakhstanis

In 2019, 17 “Rural Women Persons of the SDG of Kazakhstan” were identified for the first time. I am among the rural women of Kazakhstan who are Leaders of SDG-2030 under the 16 goals “Peace, justice and effective institutions.”

I believe my work will directly help the world achieve SDG-2030 and inspire other women to follow my lead.

My name is Aliya Absemetova, I am the mother of 9 children, journalist, public figure, media volunteer.

I will begin with the fact that, being the mother of 2-sons, my husband and I brought up 7 children of different nationalities from the orphanage. We supported the program “Zhetysu without orphanages.”

I believe that every child, regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, wealth and social origin, has all the rights provided for in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1989.

Every child has the right to a happy childhood. Whether he ‘s your biological or foster. After all, there are no other people ‘s children.

In the interests of sustainable development by 2030, thanks to families like mine, I hope that there will be no orphanages in Kazakhstan.

As a journalist and media volunteer, assisting in raising funds for children in need with cancer and cerebral palsy, I would like to see a significant decrease in the number of sick children with the above-mentioned diseases by 2030.

As a journalist, I believe that one of the important tasks to achieve this goal is to inform the population. Conduct an information campaign where doctors will talk about possible early symptoms of cancer, how to reduce the risk of cerebral palsy in a future child, when to check with a doctor.

For the second year I have been a participant of Agrotura in Almaty region. As a journalist and rural woman I support and cover this kind of tourism as well. Rural tourism is one of the directions of development of domestic and entry tourism, it is a relatively new and promising direction. The development of tourism in rural areas is a socially important business activity that contributes to the sustainable development of rural areas: the development of infrastructure, the improvement of the quality of life, the increase of incomes of the local population, the creation of jobs, the support and preservation of traditions and culture, and the preservation of the environment.

In conclusion, the SDG is my guiding star, through which I will meet the challenges for achieving sustainable development goals until 2030.


I want to share my dreams for the future.

To self-actualize in life.

Write and publish a number of books: on raising children, publish a series of fairy tales in the Kazakh language.

Open a charitable foundation for people with disabilities.

Open a family psychological centre to help parents who are deprived of parental rights or parents who want to return their children.
After all, everyone in life is wrong, and every person has the right to a second chance.

To see their children successful, happy, independent people in the future.

Meet a beautiful old age, travel with your favorite person around the world.

It is a lot of that else…




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