The United Nations, in 2015 addressing all humanity with the new Agenda “Transforming Our World for Sustainable Development 2030,” calls on each of us to engage in the process of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals on the principle of “no one should be left behind And if each of us reads this document, we will realize that we will be able to achieve these goals only together But, admittedly, in principle, a little more than 4% of the population knows about these goals according to official statistics

A number of public organizations, including G-Global International Secretion, G-Global Coalition for Green Economy and Development, The international organization Expo & Women, Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan and Alliance of Volunteers of Kazakhstan in 2019 made a decision to create the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan, And thus contribute to the promotion of the ideas and values of the Global Agenda “Transforming Our World for Sustainable Development 2030” On the other hand, the international experience and example of the UN suggests that such global ideas are more easily perceived by the population if they are carried by certain known individuals. As an example, the artist Leonardo DiCaprio is the UN Peace Ambassador for Goal 13 “Combating Climate Change,” and his participation may be a strong reason to strengthen this message In addition, many countries have an institution of Youth Envoys SDG-2030

In 2018-2019, as organizers of the Rural Women ‘s Forums of Kazakhstan, we discovered a number of fascinating examples of the success of rural women, who by their daily activities actually show that the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals is possible for everyone at the local level. Considering that women are always more environmentally friendly and more socially oriented, we have decided to approve the status of SDG-2030 Leaders among rural women. We have to say right away that this case is not easy. We had not only to draft a Regulation on this, but also to select suitable candidates and to speak with each of them on this subject, so that these concepts in their own way “fit” in their system of values, so that they could understand how their activities and active life position are implemented with a particular Purpose.

In preparation for the II Forum of Rural Women, we have developed special certificates and commemorative signs for them, wrote letters to five ministries responsible for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan and agreed with them to deliver Letters of Gratitude from Ministers, which reflect recognition for their readiness and desire to be Leaders of 17 Goals among rural women in Kazakhstan During this time women have already been able to realize and pass these concepts through themselves and connect it with their activities, about which they already spoke surely during their performances, in interviews, etc. This is Natalia Milyuk – Governor of Zarechenskiy rural district of Yesil district of Akmola region – Leader of SDG 11 “Sustainable settlements “; Aliya Absemetova – media blogger, mother with many children, social worker – Leader of SDG 16” Peace, justice and social events “; Irina Gallyamova – Governor of Oryol rural district of Shcherbaktinsky district of Pavlodar region – Leader of SDG 8” Decent work and economic growth Irina Zaytseva, head of the private House of Mercy “Karlygash,” located in the village of Solovyovo of the East Kazakhstan region – The leader of SDG 10 “Reduction of Inequality” became one of the brightest adherents of the SDG-2030: she holds talks and class hours in schools, all her performances in one way or another now connect with the theme of the Central University R. Gauhar Bekbergenova, being the Director of Turkistan Agricultural College and the Leader of SDG 4 “Quality Education” introduced in the educational process the topics of SDG and green economy, climate-saving agriculture A. Bakytgul Elchibayeva, founder of AgroBusinessCenter and head of SPK Farmers Chilica – Leader of SDG 17 Partnership for Sustainable Development – for several years has been approving the principles of partnership not only in Almaty region, but also throughout the republic and even international cooperation.

Here are such vivid examples of rural women who are Leaders of Public Opinion, can become Leaders of the UN Global Agenda – at the local level. We are more than confident that their examples can be inspiring for more rural women to engage the social movement.

Therefore, in 2020 we announced an open contest “LEADERS OF SDG-2030 AMONG RURAL WOMEN.”

Participants may be women between the ages of 30 and 70 who have citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan and live in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. But most importantly, she must be a female leader who, through her professional activities and her unique community initiatives at the local and/or national level, contributes to the achievement of one or more CUs R. Another important advantage – active activity on the topic of SDG-2030 in social networks – Facebook and others X. It should be an example of global thinking and a desire to act in the interests of all humankind within the principles and values of GO

As you can see – this is also not a very simple task. But it is such high demands that urge women to prepare for the competition. It is also necessary to study the UN materials and what can be found on this topic, including on our account https://www.facebook.com/SDG2030leaderskz

Second, it is necessary to start publishing on its pages materials about the SDG-2030 as a whole and already measure its activities for one purpose or another, and already to post information about it with a hashtag on social networks (Instagram, Facebook) on the topic “Why # YaliderCSD,” noting the account @SDG2030leaderskz (Public Institute of CSD – 2030 in Kazakhstan) The whole order of participation is available in the special Regulation on the competition, which we published on the website of the www.agrowomen.org, www.expoandwomen.com, where there is also a special banner, clicking on which you can find the online application form Further, it will be necessary to develop the Concept of its activity as the Leader of the selected SDG for the period from April 1 to November 1, 2020 (term of office) to the Program operator at the e-mail address: sdg2030.kz @ mail Further, it will be necessary to conduct an online presentation, prepare an offline presentation on their activities as a candidate for the status of the Leader of the SDG during the regional forum of rural women (according to the schedule of forums) and implement the program until November 1, 2020 The final chord in this competition will be the receipt of the corresponding Certificate of the SDG-2030 Leader in case of compliance with the requirements of the Competition for the First Forum of Rural Women.

What will give participation in the contest? First of all, it is public recognition of the Status of the SDG-2030 Leader at the regional and republican level, which will reflect its own activities in a newer perspective – from the position of globality and scaling. For their part, the organizers will also promote a kind of lobbying for their interests and increase their professionalism through their training, participation in events of various levels, nomination for awards, etc. Aiman Ashimov and Bakytgul Elchibayev have already acted at the largest international events as Leaders of the SDG So, for example, about our activities and our Leaders of SDGs among rural women know not only in Kazakhstan, our performances in Russia, Hungary and other countries have already received high appreciation and even admiration We prepared information about this for a major international event during the Global Women s Summit in the USA, which for the present reasons, has not been

We also plan to recommend them for participation in global competitions such as SDG and It organized by the UN and other major international organizations.

These are the SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan. You can write about each of them separately – they deserve it!

To summarize, it is possible to say that the Status of the SDG Leader is not only a prestigious, but also a very responsible position! It obliges the person who took it upon himself to match it and be proud of it! So our Public Institute “grows” Leaders of a new format, and we try to do it boldly and creatively!

Material prepared by Lyazat Askarova, coordinator of the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan.


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