What is the role of bees in conserving biodiversity on earth and preventing hunger: SDGs 15 and SDGs 1

Everyone knows that the bee pollinates most plants on Earth This is its main mission, purpose and significance. There are about 20 thousand species of bees on earth They can be found on all continents except Antarctica Bees adapted to feed on nectar and pollen, using nectar mainly as a source of energy, and pollen to produce proteins and other nutrients

There are such facts that if bees disappear on the ground, then there will be no harvest and famine may come! One source gives such an example… ” Between 2007 and 2008, due to the massive death of insects in Europe, America, and Canada, farmland remained unfilled, resulting in crop failure and, as a result, multiple increases in prices and shortages. Esley not to stop and change the system, we will, as in China, pollinate apples at the cottage on our own, said the market. By participating in cross-pollination, bees collecting nectar and pollen, increase plant yield and resistance to diseases, which leads to an increase in the Earth ‘s green carpet. Which, in turn, provides all living organisms in need with food, updates oxygen in the atmosphere and frees it from carbon dioxide. Source: https://intesense.ru/2741/

Scientists are looking for a variety of sources to enhance this very important factor for biodiversity storage. For example, American scientists say that a plant like cannabis can also save bees. Read about it here:

Kazakhstan has now established the National Union of Beekeepers, which was headed by Sergey Alexandrovitch Tereshchenko, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About their activities and why Sergey Alexandrovitch himself came to this, you can read on their website: https://www.bal-ara.kz/ Look at this website and you will immerse yourself in this interesting world of bees and beekeepers

This topic is one of the topics in our regional forums of rural women. Among speakers and heroines there are beekeepers. You can find their success stories on the sites This is Irina Demidova from Turkistan region. http://expoandwomen.com/ru/irina-demidova-iz-turkestanskoj-oblasti-nashla-sebya-i-svoe-lyubimoe-delo-v-pchelovodstve/ She is the hero of the 2018 Forum.

This year we got acquainted with Hope Usova from Aktobe region https://agrowomen.org/восемьдесят-шестая-история-успеха-на/

Photo and additional information from the source:

. Bees have a long hobstream that they use to suck out nectar plants. They also have moustache.

Material prepared by Lyazat Askarova






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