Welcoming speech of Rapil Zhoshybaev at the Ecological Forum in Mangystau region

On August 17, 2018 in Aktau, the International Ecological forum “Ecology, green economy and innovations – a

factor of sustainable development of Mangystau region” was organized within the framework of “GREEN WEEK”.

The initiators of the forum were the Expo & Women branch of the Mangistau region (leaders Nasipkul Seidaliyeva and Gulnara Zhunusova) and was supported by the regional mayor’s office..

On August 23, 2018 we posted a full report about the event, and now we are starting a series of publications with speeches of speakers. We invite you to get acquainted with the welcoming speech of Rapil Seytkhanovich Zhoshybaev, the head of the NAO International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects.

Dear Ruslan Kenesarovich, Aigul Sagadibekovna, ladies and gentlemen!

Today, for many countries, the “green economy” has become the driver of the state’s economic growth and welfare improvement. Thanks to the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects, this Forum is organized at a high level.

Good afternoon, dear forum members!

On behalf of the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects, let  me to congratulate all the residents of the region on signing the historic document to which the Caspian states have been going for more than two decades. “The Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea” has arranged many deals, a broad range of issues has been resolved, including military, political and economic cooperation. Thus, a foundation has been created that guarantees reliable and stable cooperation of coastal countries.

As you know, this year the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects was established on the initiative of the Head of State, which he announced at the anniversary 70th General Assembly of the United Nations, on the basis of the infrastructure and heritage of EXPO-2017.

For the outside, the Center’s activities are aimed at establishing strategic partnerships with world leaders and the community in the development of the green economy, the transfer of new technologies. The center will promote the creation of comfortable conditions for the work of investors, including guarantees for the return and security of “green investments”.

Now we actively participate in international exhibitions, conferences and events dedicated to “green” innovations. At the moment, more than 40 cooperation agreements have been concluded with representatives of similar centers and investment companies working in the field of green economy from the USA, Korea, Japan, Turkey, China, the UAE and a number of European countries. All of them are interested and support the idea of ​​creating a single operator in Kazakhstan, providing legal and technical support to potential investors and business projects.

In the domestic market, the Center acts as a platform where the best practices, methodology, experience and knowledge are accumulated on the development of the green economy, project support and introduction of new technologies affecting all spheres of life – from renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, SDW management, to reclamation of lands and solving environmental problems, we, as partners, are ready to share with local executive bodies.

Mangistau region is an industrial region and makes a special contribution to the national economy – it produces about 30% of the country’s oil. Successful investment projects with the participation of foreign investors have been implemented in the region, which, in our opinion, is an example for successful investment in the region.

(Reference: Since the launch of the Industrialization Map in the region, 42 projects have been commissioned and 392 billion tenge of direct investments were attracted.) Currently, there are 89 projects with the investment volume of 418 billion tenge in the process of implementation.)

The region has considerable potential in implementing investment projects of the green economy, including RES projects. Today, together with the mayors’ office, we are going to give a start to the construction of a wind farm in the Tupkaragan district. Investors and partners of the project are SouthWindPower and HorgosJiuheSilkbridge NewEnergyCo. Fort – Shevchenko is located in a zone of high wind loads, which makes it possible to produce clean electricity on an industrial scale.

The large-scale prospects of cooperation are opened by the project “Eco-city of Aktau”, which will be one of the drivers of introduction of green technologies and know-how.

For example, today our Center is working on the development of a register of the best available technologies in the field of green economy. This is one of the main tools, reducing the negative impact on the environment, its practical application in the EU countries, the US has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness.

Soon the regular and widespread will be the identification of a “green” rating among enterprises in Kazakhstan – the formation of which was taken up by the Center together with the Association of Environmental Organizations.

This rating will help to analyze the achievement of targets in the context of the city, region and country. But most importantly, it will increase the responsibility of businesses in the environmental and energy sector, there will be an incentive for enterprises to reduce the impact on the environment. We must change our psychology – we can not earn today on dirty technologies, that is, in fact, at the expense of future generations, leaving descendants a burnt-out steppe.

Therefore, we are open for joint work, we are ready to coordinate the processes of interaction with the government, the business community and all interested parties in promoting green technologies and advanced solutions in Kazakhstan.

The International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects stands for close and fruitful cooperation with the mayors’ office of Mangystau region, as well as with all interested regional non-governmental organizations and large companies. For this purpose, we have prepared an agreement on cooperation, which will be signed by the coming time. Earlier, such documents on joint work were signed with a number of other areas.

Dear forum participants!

Emphasizing the great potential of the Mangistau region in attracting investment, introducing and using clean and low-carbon technology, and also sustainable development, today we need to unite, act together as a team of like-minded people.

In conclusion, let me once again thank the organizers – «EXPO & WOMEN» and Mayors’ Office of Mangystau region for the invitation and the opportunity to speak at the Forum venue.

Forming a green world and placing it on the descendants begins with our day-to-day activities. We invite you to work together to achieve the future energy.

Thank you for attention!

PS: We express our gratitude to Rapil Seitkhanovich for the support of our Forum! In the course of his activity, you supported our ideas, in particular, the project of the “Institute of Hydrobiology and Ecology” for the conservation of the Caspian seal and the planting of the unique paulownia tree with the scientific and practical support of the scientists of the company “A-Paulownia”.

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