Welcoming speech by Irina Nikorak on forum” Women leaders of the Silk Road”

Dear friends! We present to your attention the greetings of Irina Petrovna Nikorak, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, the chairman of the Silk Link Silk Link Association of the Silk Road, the International Women’s Leaders Forum.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, participants of the forum, guests of the beautiful city of Astana!

I want to congratulate the residents of the capital and all of Kazakhstan with a landmark event – the 20th anniversary of your capital.

It is a great honor for me to participate and speak at this forum, as part of the Roundtable Women-Leaders of the Silk Road, alongside bright and influential women from around the world.

Entering the third millennium, we were on the verge of drastic changes. One of them is the new role of women in our society.

We all see that the role of women in the economy, politics, civil society is constantly growing, and this is very amazing. Women gradually occupy more and more senior management positions, influence the adoption of key decisions, create their own enterprises and companies, and workplaces for other women. Now a perfectly educated, beautiful and successful woman holding a high post and having a loving family is a normal and widespread phenomenon in many countries, including Ukraine!

Today, the Woman Leader is a cocktail of personality, in which a woman’s mindset is needed, wisdom that allows to think outside of the box and encourages creativity, education is the basis of professionalism, adherence to the idea, social temperament and tolerance.

Non-participation of women in government decision making leads to the fact that the “male” legislative and executive power takes into account the social interests of women less and only promotes global, often aggressive, interests of military and / or energy departments.

Women are more flexible, patience, a tendency to compromise and dialogue.

Therefore, it is very important to increase the role and percentage of women occupying high positions at the level of government, parliament and local councils.

I represent the Kyiv City Council, in which the percentage of women is 18%. In general, in the Ukrainian parliament – 12%. There are 3 women ministers in the government, and in every ministry there is a woman among deputy ministers. And we are working to increase this figure across the country to 30%.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today and here, at the Palace of Independence, we were united by a global initiative of the new Silk Road.

The idea of ​​joint construction of the economic belt of the Silk Road was first put forward in 2013 in Kazakhstan. Therefore it is very symbolic that the forum of measures of cities of the Silk Road passes in Astana.

What is one belt – one road?

This is without exaggeration one of the most global and promising projects of the 21st century

It is the unification of countries and people, resources and efforts, civilizations and peoples

It is the creation of highly developed and prosperous regions

This is a world of opportunities, new technologies and innovations, and at the same time, the preservation of cultural heritage

Chinese President Xi Jinping said: “At a distance of thousands of miles, over thousands of years, the ancient silk roads formed a spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and mutual benefit.

“The world lives in an unusual time, a time of great danger and great Hope, a time of great progress and economic globalization.

Through political cooperation, it is necessary to make wise decisions that will be decisive for shaping the future of tomorrow’s world.

The world of development, the world of innovation, the world of unlimited resources, both human and economic. And I am sure that thanks to today’s opportunities, every person can be a significant link in building a strong, progressive, innovative, stable world. Peace, which will strengthen mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust between different countries.

Today I also represent the Association of the Silk Road in Ukraine whose main goal is the development and implementation of our country in this global initiative. And I take this opportunity to invite you to the III Ukrainian Silk Road Forum, which will be held on November 16 this year in Kiev.

I wish success and fruitful work to all Forum participants! Thank you!

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