Week of green economy starts in the Akmola region

The week of green economy organized by two public organizations – “Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global” and “The agrarian union of women of Kazakhstan” passes in the Akmola region now. On May 28, 2019 at ten o’clock mornings to the village of Maksimovka arrived self-employed, jobless women having many children from the villages of Maksimovka, Yntymak, Kosshoky to a seminar training. They very much were interested in a subject About the social project “Coca-Cola belestery” – “Support of needy and jobless women through training in bases of business and to “green” technologies of business” which was opened by Askarova L.K., the executive director of IO “Expo&Women”. After the speech of the executive director ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global” of Askhat Suleymenov many participants wanted to go to see model greenhouses successful businesswomen with Sholpana Turdysheva (page. Youth Osakarovsky district of the Karaganda region), our Center of green technologies in the village Arnasay of Arshalynsky district of the Akmola region, personally to look and learn elements of hothouse business.

He told about the Center of green technologies in the village Arnasay, about innovative methods growing up vegetables in hothouse conditions. The women who are present at a seminar asked lecturers-trainers many questions. Conversations continued also during coffee break.

Then the winner of the competition “Coca-Cola Belestery”-2017 years Nurzhamal Bakhitova, the head of IP Qazaq hous, engaged in production of kumys (horse milk). She told as there was an idea to participate in the social project “Coca-Cola Belestery” as won a grant and on what used these means. Then Nurzhamal Bakhitova treated all attendees with the products – fragrant koumiss in an extra branded packing.

And as its economy looks it kindly showed to guests of a seminar training and members of the media. The economy not small – strikes with the purity and order. Even grain of horses is poured in the sun.

The seminar in the village of Maksimovka is complete also all lost in admiration – all attendee were handed certificates, and to partners – letters of thanks!

In the same day organizers the executive director of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global” Askhat Suleymenov and Askarova L.K., the executive director of IO “Expo&Women” continued at 15:00 o’clock a seminar training in the Astrakhan district in the village. Resident of Astrakhan.

After their fascinating performances at the present women who stay at home without own business so far unanimously solved – we want in Arnasay in the Center of green technologies for more detailed training. Addressed attendees the young director of Berkut LLP, the succeeding business women Gendik Veronika is a delegate of the First Forum of rural women of Kazakhstan. Were present at a seminar – the head of department of employment and social programs of the Astrakhan district Vereina Svetlana Gennadyevna and also the chairman of the board of business women of the Astrakhan district, specialists of regional akimat. In completion of a seminar – rewarding of 35 women with certificates, partners received letters of thanks from the Chairman of the board of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global”, the member of council on transition to green economy at the President of Kazakhstan S. Rakhimbekova.

We express separate gratitude to Nurzhamal with Bakhitova for support of ours a meropritiya and the invitation to visit its economy!

Author Zhakupova G.T.



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