We tell about SDG-2030 to students of humanitarian college

25 October 2019 through the work of KSMK, united with the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan” organized a meeting with students of the humanitarian college of the capital to introduce young people to the Goals in the field of sustainable development and to involve in the formation of a culture of green economy

Taking into account the fact that at the recent UN summit the President of the country Kasim-Zhomart Tokayev took the initiative to open the UN Interregional Center for SDGs, we decided that work in this direction is one of the important for our country.

Therefore, we are conducting first of all awareness-raising activities.

Thus, Executive Director of “Expo and Women” IO, Head of the Project Leaders of SDGs in Kazakhstan Lyazat Askarov introduced students to the Sustainable Development Goals in general, the leaders implementing them and how it is possible to be involved in improving the well-being of our planet in ordinary living conditions.

As a Leader for Poverty Eradication within SDG and a member of KNPC, I spoke about the localization of SDG and planned projects in this direction, invited college activists to participate.


Islam Shnar, Leader of SDG 1 among young people of Kazakhstan







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