The center of green Arnasay technologies at ULE “The coalition for green economy and development of G-Global” holds a seminar on a subject

“Creation of conditions for increase in productivity in greenhouse facility through use of innovative resource-saving technologies”

Venue: Akmola region, Arshalynsky district, and. Arnasay, Rozhdestvenskogo St. 26. Center of green Arnasay technologies.

Date: On August 9, 2019 from 9.00-17.30 o’clock.

The program of a seminar included the following subjects of lectures:

Innovative technologies of cultivation of cucumbers, trmat
Application of a complex of fertilizers with watering
Increase in efficiency of hothouse vegetables with use of a svetokultura
Inoculation of vegetable cultures in the greenhouse.

Besides a practical training on the subject “Acquaintance to Kultivatsionny Constructions of the Protected Soil — the Phytodiode Greenhouse and Features of Operation of the Phytodiode Greenhouse and Feature of Operation Solar a Biovegetariya” will be organized.

For participation in a seminar are invited:

the experts having experience in greenhouse facility
the beginning farmers,
interested in use of green technologies in social objects and personal household economy.

Use of the gained knowledge in practice will promote improvement of quality of life of villagers as use of “green” technologies will allow to save the state and family budget to 50% and to increase productivity of vegetable cultures by 2.5 times.

We invite everyone to be trained. The training group has to consist of 30 people. However persons interested with each training become more and more. At last seminar on July 26 at a seminar there were 43 listeners instead of 30. It is an obvious indicator.

demands of this seminar – as it is the real theoretical and practical help of the correct conducting hothouse matter in special farms and even in own kitchen garden. Among listeners of the training seminar – directors and heads of limited liability partnership. KH, SP and representatives of LE, specialists of the large joint-stock companies and even businessmen. Because in a century of great technologies – everything changes, will be improved, there is a mass of innovative solutions which result in grandiose results in own business of cultivation of organic food.

Training is conducted by the doctor of agricultural sciences deputy director of AGROKHAB-KAZNAU, the expert of Scientific Production Enterprise “Atameken Dzhantasov S.K.

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