We have to be engaged in development and education of women – Sobchak about equality

        The TV host considers that in order to remove a problem of gender inequality in our countries – it is necessary to change stereotypes and psychology of women.

       The famous Russian politician, public figure and the TV host Ksenia Sobchak on the platform of Astana Economic Forum during a round table have told about how it is possible to solve a problem of gender inequality in Kazakhstan and Russia, the correspondent of BNews.kz reports.

        “For men it’s convenient and comfortable to work with men. And at the highest positions they want to see men, it is easier for them to agree somewhere with a glass of beer, it seems to them that it is easier for them to communicate with each other, psychologically they make such decision. It is very difficult to prove it why haven’t you been taken to any new position, only because you walk in a skirt and don’t love beer” — have told on the platform of the Astana Economic Forum during a round table “The rights instead of privileges. How women’s leadership can affect the modern world” Ksenia Sobchak.

       “The second moment, as it seems to me, the most important, in it I see my purpose in public life of Russia – it is to change psychology of women, this huge problem about which, it seems to me we spoke a little today. Women are ready for that role which traditional societies has assumed to him. Most of women in Russia on a question: in what you see happiness in the life? Answer by telling that stable marriage for well earning man is a dream, and to give birth to as much as possible children, to be engaged in a household. It is impossible to make a person violently happy, it is impossible to make the woman violently equal. For this it is necessary to change stereotypes, for this purpose it is necessary to change psychology of women” — she has emphasized.

        Aabout stereotypes of society, the famous TV host has cited as an example her personal example from life.

       “Up to 36 years I had no child, I didn’t have a desire to bring him. Most yellow press in Russia considered that either I am sick with something, or I can’t become mother because in the majority of mentality of women of Russia not have a child up to 30 years is an accident, it is impossible. Why only after 36 years woman can make such decision if it is all right with her health. It is not about equality, it is about mentality. And it seems to me that here the huge problem of it is that we have to correct” — the Russian politician has told.

         According to Sobchak ‘s opinion, the problem of gender equality won’t be solved until women don’t will have a desire to change the settled situation.

       “Man – strong, making good money, clever. These are those qualities which on the last polls in Russia are called by all Russians, both men, and women consider these three qualities the most important for men. As you think, I will ask all of you a simple question, what qualities and among men, and women are considered as main for women – on the first place, of course, beauty, modesty and ability to be good in housekeeper. So far we won’t change this mentality until the woman herself will not have a desire to work hard, to earn money, to compete to the man on equal terms, to have not only equal rules of the game, but also responsibility for the actions. (.) The equality is an also equal responsibility, and in this sense woman have to want to change this settled model, for model of equal participation and equal competition to men” — have noted Sobchak.

        In conclusion the speaker has added, for today, as well as in Russia, and in Kazakhstan it is necessary to be engaged in development and education of women.

       “In addition, first of all, we have to be engaged in development, education of women. And then women will want to be independent, will want to change their life. And this education in our country as it seems to me, and in yours too, probably, the most important in order to set the equality of woman” — the famous TV host has noted.

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