UN news: FAO urged to stop further soil degradation

Every five seconds erosion destroys a stretch of land the size of a football field. At the same time on

Recovery of only 2-3 centimeters of fertile layer takes about a thousand years. Today, the UN called for a halt to further land degradation by adopting sustainable land management.

On 5 December, World Soil Day, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems, especially in the light of global population growth.

What is soil erosion?
To date, one third of the world ‘s soil has been degraded by erosion, sealing, organic washing, acidification, pollution and other negative processes If we do not act now, by 2050, the erosion will destroy 90 per cent of the world ‘s soil. It is about destruction of its upper fertile layer by water, wind or as a result of intensive treatment In some cases soil erosion occurs naturally in all climatic conditions and on all continents . But it is predominantly caused by human activity such as intensive farming and deforestation

Why should soils be protected?
The current rate of land degradation jeopardizes the ability of future generations to meet their most pressing needs. The world ‘s population is projected to exceed nine billion by 2050. They can be provided with food by increasing yields and improving the quality of grown products on healthy soils.

In addition, the soil serves as a kind of filter and cleans tens of thousands of cubic kilometers of water every year. By serving as the primary carbon storage facility, soils also help regulate emissions of СО2 and other greenhouse gases, and are thus an important component in the fight against climate change.

How do I stop soil erosion?


This year ‘s FAO campaign “Stop soil erosion, save our future” aims to raise awareness of the need to protect ecosystems. FAO experts note that in some parts of the world the rate of soil erosion has been decreasing over the past few decades. This success has been achieved through sound soil management.

World Soil Day was proclaimed in December 2013 by the UN General Assembly.

Why you need to protect soils
1. Soil erosion will reduce production

2. Soil erosion causes ecos degradation

3. Soil erosion breaks the catchment

4. Soil erosion can cause damage to urban infrastructure

5. Soil erosion condemns people to poverty and forces them to a moment

Source: UN website https://news.un.org/ru/story/2019/12/1368501

PS: Only to add that these are two Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs 13 Climate Change and SDGs 15 Terrestrial Ecosystem Conservation





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