Twenty-first “Success Story.” Aliya Absemetova – head of the network publication UZYN.KZ (Almaty region)

Today we offer to the visitors of our site “Success Story” another interesting person – the delegate of the Forum of Rural Women of Almaty region, the winner in the nomination media employee, the head of the network publication “UZYN.KZ” Absemetova Ali:

I ‘ve always been connected to rural life. As a child – came to relatives, and for almost 10 years and herself began to live in aul.

From the age of 16 I worked as a graphic designer, by the age of 20 I already had a higher economic education. She worked in the capital. She achieved success, became a member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan.

By that time, I was married, and there was a second child on the way. And my husband and I decided to move to the countryside as we wanted children to grow up in labor, breathe fresh air, eat fresh environmental foods grown on their land.

Having moved to the village of Kargala Zhambyl district, I decided to realize my dream and become a journalist and received an appropriate education. Since I was close to publishing, and I owned graphic design and took good pictures. My husband and I decided to launch our project, it was an advertising and infotainment newspaper that was distributed free of charge.

The way we chose is certainly not easy – I was in this newspaper both the advertising manager, the editor, and the designer-verstalker, and most importantly I started writing and publishing. A few years later, we successfully sold this business. I can say that I have gained enormous experience. She became a member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.

I decided for myself that if I didn ‘t find a job in my village, I would create it myself. So my husband and I created the news portal

In addition to this project, I work as a freelance journalist, running social networks for several companies. I am a media volunteer, writing articles to raise funds for children with cancer and cerebral palsy. Member of the party Nur Otan, member of the Council of Mothers at the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. She was a delegate to the XXVII session of the ANC. I am the Chairman of the General Committee of the School and the Board of Trustees of Zhambyl College.

I do self-development all the time. I am looking for new ways for self-realization.

Ask, what about the family? In my opinion, a successful woman should be successful in everything! And the most important thing for a woman is of course the same family! And I consider it the greatest achievement of my life!

My husband and I have a large international family. My husband and I raise nine children, seven of whom were previously children of a orphanage. So it was fate that suddenly we became parents of 6 sons and 3 daughters.

We didn ‘t choose babies by eye color, hair and ethnicity. Children of different ethnic groups are Kazakhs, Russians, Germans, Belarusian, Chechen, Tatars. And I am proud that our family last year was recognized as the best exemplary family in Almaty region in the republican contest “Mereil.”

For me it was a big surprise when in June I was awarded from the whole Turkic world the Order “Mehriban ana” established by the public foundation “Dede Gorgud” for good maternal heart – this public award is awarded to outstanding women of the world.


Don ‘t be afraid to take the initiative of becoming someone you don ‘t want to be. Boldly go for your dream, which one day will lead you to a well-equipped, happy life, which one day will allow you to dream full of breast. Find this talent and realize it. And it doesn ‘t matter where you live, in the city or in the village.

Yeah, it ‘s not easy to let yourself live like that. And that ‘s why I agree that this is a success! Except all this is not because it is necessary. I just want to. I did it. Which means you can do it, too. The main thing is to want to.

After all, the main qualities given to a woman are loving heart, tenderness, dedication, readiness for self-sacrifice.

Selection prepared by: Jacupova Gulyai

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