The Way to Good Health through the Pantolechenka in Aktobe Region

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The activity of Banu Tlegenova is a clear example of the fact that quality human health depends on how a person knows how to use the opportunities of nature correctly and reasonably. Nature itself is known to be an inexhaustible source for proper nutrition and wellness. One of the most unique natural gifts – pants of marala, which are located only in the Altai part of East Kazakhstan, and now in Aktobe region.
We learned about this during the Forum of Rural Women of Aktobe region. The trip to the sanatorium – the sanatorium was organized by the Secretary of the Regional Commission for Women ‘s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy Akmaral Hong, and it was an unforgettable event. We saw with our own eyes a decent herd of marals who never lived there. And we saw a year-round pantolechchenka, in which excellent conditions for health improvement of Kazakhstanis and guests were created.
It is a little history. Our hero is an education medic. But in the difficult 1990s, he and his wife went into entrepreneurship – a shop, a cafe, a restaurant.
Banu ‘s husband was by profession a veterinary doctor, and he was always drawn to the village, he wanted to raise livestock. To which the hero answered that she does not want to be engaged like all cows. And then he offered her a great alternative – to create a maralology farm. You have agriculture and medicine.

The idea was so fascinating that they began to study opportunities to bring marals to Aktobe, went to adopt experience from specialists in East Kazakhstan. When they wrote the business plan, many were skeptical of their idea. But they achieved their own: in 2017 they prepared all conditions and brought the first 150 marals.
We decided to build a pantolechchenka right away. And here Banu Zhuvangaliyeva with her head dipped into the study of the properties of pantas, the spectrum of the impact of which is simply huge. If only 22 amino acids exist in nature for human health, 18 of them are contained in pants of marals. As early as 1935 Professor Pavlenko found that pantas cure cancer, normalize blood sugar levels, are a prevention against hypertension and stroke, are useful in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and very strongly strengthen human immunity.
The sanatorium has created very good conditions for recovery at the same time about 50 people. It ‘s very cozy, clean. Among the procedures are the adoption of pantogematogen, inhalation, a bath of panty broth prepared in a special way, roast (such as steam with dry steam), in which maralia horns hang, which fill the air with special therapeutic properties, etc. The food here is also balanced.

Another plus – sanatorium is located in a picturesque place 60 km from the regional center in Martuk district and near here river and groves.
The sanatorium works all year round and is ready to receive you constantly. You only have to order tickets in advance.
As Banu Tlegenova himself says, they have big plans for the future. And if in 2018 they received the first fetus of 15 maralats, their number will increase every year – and this is evidence that marals fit into this ecosystem. In the plans of the family of entrepreneurs to create a shop for processing punts, where will manufacture panty tinctures and additives.
And our hero has long helped the pupils of the orphanage and people with disabilities, and also dreams of building a rehabilitation center for them. I sincerely wish to realize her dream!
As you can see, if a person has a dream and a desire to implement it, everything is possible!
PS: It is only left to add that I, as the author of this text, in the summer of 2019 had the happiness to see it all with my own eyes and truly admire them. And of course, there was a desire to get these unique procedures there. In January immediately after the new year I made a vacation and went to Sanaoria-pantolechchenka “Ziru” and on myself experienced all the charms of pantotherapy, breathed fresh air, skied and on a slide.

So I invite you to this wonderful hospital, too. By the way in the book of reviews I read even enthusiastic reviews of guests from Canada, Germany and Russia.
And you see a photo on the banner, where Banu Tlegenova demonstrates his project to two Presidents – N.Nazarbayev and V.Putinu. We ‘re proud of our hero!
It must be said that price policy is very acceptable.
I place phone numbers where you can call 7 702 932 0048.
Instagram address: @Zaru_Aktobe
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