The training seminars in the Center of green technologies “Arnasay”

ULE “The coalition for green economy and development of G-Global” in the village Arnasay of the Akmola region in the Center of green Arnasay technologies held on July 5, 2019 a seminar on the subject “Features of Cultivation of Vegetables and Greens in the conditions of the Protected Soil during the Autumn and Winter and Winter and Spring Periods (in the conditions of the Central and Northern Kazakhstan)”. The co-organizer of a seminar acted as RPP “Atameken” of Arshalynsky district.

The program of a seminar included the following subjects of lectures:

Technological features of various greenhouses. Structural elements and features of operation of greenhouses.
Agrotechnology of cultivation of cultures of the protected soil.
Practical introduction power – and resource-saving technologies and the practician in greenhouses.
Besides a practical training on the subject “Kultivatsionny Constructions of the Protected Soil — the Phytodiode Greenhouse and Solar Biovegetariya — Features of Operation” was organized.

Participated in a seminar 31 persons – representatives of the Akmola, Karaganda, Pavlodar regions. These are the experts having experience in greenhouse facility, the beginning farmers, persons who are interested in use of green technologies in social objects and personal household economy besides heads of large LLP, KH, SP who with great pleasure took a course of lectures asked questions to the lecturer.

Lectures were given by the candidate of agricultural sciences, the deputy director of science and technology park of the NAO “The Kazakh national agricultural university” Dzhantasov Serik Kazhikhanovich.

Such seminars are held here every year. And as shows experience – use of the gained knowledge in practice promotes improvement of quality of life of villagers as use of “green” technologies allows to save the state and family budget to 50% and increases productivity of vegetable cultures by 2.5 times. There are really concrete examples of the businessmen who studied at such seminars which achieved good results in cultivation of vegetables in the closed soil.

All participants at the event were handed certificates on passing of a seminar.

The training seminars in CGT “Arnasay” will continue the work. The next seminars are planned for July 26 and on August 9, 2019.

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