The republican seminar for mayors of rural districts from all Kazakhstan was organized within the Forum of rural women

On July 18-19, 2019 within preparation for the Republican forum of rural women of Kazakhstan and within the Forum of rural women of the Akmola region the republican seminar “MANAGEMENT of SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of RURAL TERRITORIES” was organized.

The choice of this target group and in the Akmola region was made not casually. Within preparation for the First forum of rural women and the course of holding the Parade “History of my success” we made many really star discoveries. And one such asterisk became the mayor of the Zarechny rural district Natalya Kazimirovna Milyuk. here reference to it performance

Therefore there was an idea to show to all women – akims of rural districts – the village Over the river as successful model of management of social and economic development of the village. And we are very glad that it at us turned out.

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Now it is a little about results and impressions from this seminar.

The first. Target group and the seminar subject offered for them, the choice of the place for holding a seminar – everything was very appropriate and demanded. According to akims – they were not gathered long ago that they could discuss subjects of local government and practice of introduction of the 4th level of the budget very important for today. On this subject we will state opinion of our partner and expert in this subject – Askara Kaliyeva a bit later.

So, in the first day the team of our partner – the Project of the European Union “More active participation of interested parties at the local level in East and Central Kazakhstan”, realized by Association of development of civil society of the SLANG together with the Center of development of local government and OO “ECOCENTER” was presented by results of the pilot project on the subject “Inclusive Planning of Rural Development” (Trainers: Kaliyev Askar is the director of the project, Kazbekova Meruert is a project coordinator, Ertayeva Nurshat is a project manager). Master class of participants of the pilot project “More Active Participation of Interested Parties at the Local Level in East and Central Kazakhstan” (2017-2019). In the second half of day there was relevant a dialogue platform where akims and those who need to penetrate into this subject – shared the experience with dostatono serious experiment on this subject also those problems which arise at the same time. But the most important – told about how they find the solution to all this. Generally very serious and business conversation based on community of views and understanding of the difficult mission together with the people turned out to be and to resolve issues of sustainable development of the village.

45 people became participants of a seminar. First of all, it is women – honor 24 akims of rural districts from all areas of Kazakhstan. Akims – participants of pilot villages of the project from VKO – 4 persons also participated in a seminar. And also all akims of rural districts of Esilsky district were invited.

There is a wish to note high organizational work which was carried out by the office of akimat of Esilsky district. Everything was thought over – reservation of hotel, a meeting at the station, very tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, the venue of a seminar, excursion. Therefore we express gratitude to the akim of Esilsky district – to Balazhanov Serik Myrzaseytovich who from the very beginning supported our initiative, made welcome speech at opening. All day with us there was a deputy akim of the area Korlan Hasenovna Tazhdenova who conducted to us a tour, actively participated in the seminar and solved the organizational issues arising on the course. The young deputy akim of the city of Esil – Aydarbekov Ruslan Serikovich – also resolved all our issues and also personally met, accompanied and saw off participants of a seminar. We surrounded with such care and attention felt very comfortably all this time.

The seminar took place in a conference room of akimat of Esilsky district where for us all conditions were created.

In the evening after a dinner participants took part in interactive team building “Effective leadership” (an igrotekhnik – Askarova L.K.). To the subject line of team building the idea of organizational very tectonics of Total Qulity management (Total quality in management) developed in the 20th of the XX century by Dr. Shyyukhart, then finished and introduced in practice by the Japanese businessmen Taiki Okhno and Kyaoru Ishikava in the 50-60th was put. Team building combines different logical intellectual tasks and physical exercises which together made several stages, each of which bears in itself(himself) semantic loading of the offered very tectonics.

The second day according to our program was devoted to visit of the village Over the river about which we had heard a lot much from Natalya Kazimirovny Milyuk – the akim of the rural district. This village it is really possible to apply for model of the steady settlement thanks to activity in this village of Zarechny LLP which head is the famous businessman Aripov Ualikhan Sapiyevich. It is possible to read about it in different sources in more detail, for example.

And that here written – the real truth, we could be convinced personally.

In the morning near the village we were met by Ualikhan Sapiyevich. He with great pleasure told us about the enterprises of limited liability partnership – the feedlot of KRS and horses, the lethal shop of Zarechny LLP where we saw bulls of breed Angus. The boiler house which gives heat due to use of linen straw struck us – it is very eco-friendly and cheap. Bales of this straw pack right there in the village, and depending on weather on heating of four social objects in day from 2 to 5-6 bales leave.

Then we saw a bakery which it also took under the protection – the price of 800-gram roll – only 40 tenges speaks about it! The rest – at the expense of Zarechny LLP! Almost all social objects in the village not just exist, but really flourish besides at the expense of limited liability partnership. Here such figures will impress, I think, all. For repair of kindergarten it is allocated the sum of 40 million tenges! And also the following figures – 50% of payment for visit of kindergarten (4000 tenges), 100% payment for food at school of all children, completely equipped hall of weightlifting and its free visit with the trainer – the world class master of sports!!!, repair and the equipment of stadium with a tartanovy (!) path – became a basis of the fact that the team of the village is many years a champion of the area in track and field athletics, soccer and other sports. And it is a subject of pride of the main patron of villagers too!

And what Recreation center in the village! Not one regional center can envy it. At the same time more than 200 people in are fine and modern the equipped hall can enjoy festive actions! Only one example – for March 8 of a rose all women of the village receive from Ualikhan Sapiyevich (it allocates for it annually 1 million tenges!). He is the chairman of a party cell Nurotan whose office is also a winner on many indicators.

All of us delighted with such indicators and personally Ualikhan Sapiyevich finished visit by school where we held the final sessions of our seminar. Milyuk N.K. presented the experience of management of the rural territory, told about the participation in the First forum of rural women of Kazakhstan, read the poetic dedication to a profession – a mission of the rural akim and also provided a small training on staff recruitment – the test of Belbin to which it studied during training in Tashkent (The seminar took place with assistance of office of OSCE in June of this year).

Askarova L.K. provided information on activity our green to NPO Praktika vovlecheniya zhenshchin v innovatsii i zelenuyu ekonomiku: about history of creation of MO “Expo&Women”, about the actions of republican and international level held for the purpose of implementation of gender policy in Kazakhstan about the Coca-Cola belester _ project, about participation of women of Kazakhstan in WORLD EXPO-2015 in Milan, in EHRO-2017 in Astana, in EHRO-2019 in Beijing and also about plans for the next years.

Day came to the end with a festive lunch from Zarechny LLP where all expressed the admiration of what was seen, thanked us – organizers – for the presented opportunity to communicate with each other, expressed a wish about holding such business actions for rural akims on a constant basis, so it allows not only to discuss problems, but also to plan ways of further cooperation. And even the distance – nearly 500 km from the capital – did not become a hindrance for success of the conceived action!

Summing up the results, there is a wish to emphasize once again relevance and demand of special events for rural akims – and not only women! In return, we as the organizing committee of the Forum and in general as organizers, bringing up such subject, we understand that its business continuation is necessary! What our further actions in they will be are we will coordinate with the Ministry of national economy and experts in the local government sphere. And about it we will surely write on our information websites!

All participants had an opportunity to find relevant information and useful skills for effective management of rural territories on the example of the village Over the river and experience of each other.

We thank all participants of a seminar for active inclusion in a subject, desire to change and to change in a positive side a situation on places! We were once again convinced that rural akims are people who undertook huge responsibility to be heads of such difficult sites of activity! But as they speak – it is their mission and purpose! and a name proud – the rural akim!

There is a wish to wish all once again fortresses of the beliefs, creative inspiration, strength of mind and good health!

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

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