The FINANCIER AND the DIPLOMAT GAUHAR NURGALIYEVA is a SPEAKER of the “Women in Science, Innovations, Business” SESSION on AEF-2019

Get acquainted with the speaker of the “Women in Science, Innovations and Business” session in the AEF-2019 program which will be carried out in the TEDx format, Gauhar Nurgaliyeva is the head of laboratory of the Eurasian researches Institute of a research of emerging markets at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. On SKOLKOVO base, work of 9 innovation institutes where created competitive knowledge-intensive developments of world level in five priority directions: energy efficiency and energy saving, nuclear technologies, space technologies and telecommunications, biomedical technologies, strategic computer technologies and software.

Gauhar got an education on two specialties: a bachelor degree of business administration in The George Washington University, MBA in Lomonosov Moscow State University and a MSc on IO in Tufts University.

So impressive experience and versatile – from the founder of Bookmark bookstores to the adviser to the minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Gauhar will discuss participation of women in technologies and business at our session as the gender balance in innovations and science is observed, she will tell about Skolkovo successful examples of female graduates.

As the specialist working in the field of Islamic economy Gauhar will cover the topic of women in Islamic economy, balance between two modern trends: feminization by Islamization, will give advice to the Kazakhstan audience.

Our brilliant speaker will share the professional experience — what obstacles it was necessary to face during creation of career in Kazakhstan and Russia as how she is working in Moscow School of Management Skolkovo where intellectuals, innovators and leaders are cultivated. In one of an interview, Gauhar interestingly told about the human capital – “it is like oil – should be lifted, mined and sold”.

We wait for you at our session where you learn, be inspired by experience of bright Leading Female.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Author: Sholpan Esmukhambetova, head of Expo&Women Committee on public relations

 http://Sholpan Esmukhambetova is the head of Committee on public relations of Expo&Women



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